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Hey everyone at LST, my names Nick Hayes and im a tattooer at Third Street Tattoo in Hermosa Beach, CA; (its where drug addiction and Black Flag made their mark) Been tattooing about 5 years. I apprenticed under Brian "big5" Barber at Union Electric tattoo in Wilmington, CA for a couple years. He's a tattooer/machine builder and owner of Union Machines. Check them out! I really enjoy early american traditional tattoos but try to keep my abilities pretty open to all styles. Im always reluctant to change so I was slow to get on facebook, slow to instagram, and in good fashion...slow to LST. Heard nothing but great things from all my past co-workers and im finally pullin the trigger! i dont want to be one of those guys who ransacks the tattoo industry so im hoping ill able to bring something to the table to tattooing as well as this forum. Have a good one and thanks for reading.

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Shameen right? whats up man, good to hear from you. hope all is well

Yeah its me nice job on remembering my name spelled it right and everything haha. Since we ran into each other online it looks like ill have to swing by the shop just to shoot the breeze if not to get tattooed.

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