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Another new guy introduction


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Hello everyone. My name is Aaron. I've just completed a year of being an apprentice at a shop in Indiana. I've been tattooing steadily since the beginning of the year. I honestly started taking customers really early in my apprenticeship due to the loss of an artist at the shop during a difficult financial time. Someone had to take up some of the slack and that someone was me. I'm at a very steady shop in a college town which gives me plenty of time tattooing. I'm learning everyday and I feel very fortunate to be where I am and to be a part of this craft. I got started at a very late age in life compared to most, but hopefully that gives me a more level head than most that are just starting. I got my first tattoo about 20 years ago and started getting regularly tattooed about 10 years ago. I've spent plenty of years hanging in shops and I'm friends with many artists. So, even though I'm new to making tattoos, I'm familiar with the trade and promise you wont have to hold my hand or read silly posts from me. I ended up here because one of my friends and fellow artists used to talk about a forum from some years back and how he benefited from the people that contributed to that site. I always felt bummed that I missed that resource until I stumbled upon this site. When I saw who was involved in running and posting on this site, I figured it would be worth it to sign up.

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Welcome dude, where you working? Who was this mysterious LSTer..?

Thanks for the welcome! I'm working at Lucky Rabbit in Muncie IN. Not sure what mysterious member you're talking about.

- - - Updated - - -

Was that Read St, perhaps? Anyhow, welcome to the bunch, I'm sure you will find the forum to your liking. What sort of tattoos do you like to get?

Thank you for the welcome as well. Yes it was Read St. Figured those who knew would be able to guess. As for the tattoos I like to get, all of mine are traditional or close to it.

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