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How could I have missed it?

The Whale

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Greetings everyone. My name is Jeramie. I am not tattoo artist nor will I be anytime soon. I'm just a guy approaching mid life and realizing I missed a calling. I'm 36 and from Upstate NY. I'll explain what I mean and tell you a bit about myself in the process. When I was rather young (15) I started working at a small head shop. We sold all the usual stuff. Right next to us was a tattoo shop. I hung out there a lot and the folks there got to know me and I even got my first tattoo from them years later. In those days I was a wide eyed crazy kid. going to Dead and Phish shows with hair down to my waist and not a care in the world. Then... Life happened. A few wives and 4 kids later I find my self with a buzzed head, small beer belly and a clean shaven face working at a desk for an insurance company. Yikes! How the hell did that happen?! This is were the irony sets in. My insurance office is right next door to a tattoo shop. The girl who runs it happens to be a the same girl who was an apprentice all those years ago at that other shop another town over when I was that young bright eye youth. How did I end up here? Well one day I was going on and on with a co worker about how bad we hate what we do and I pointed to the tattoo shop and said that's what I should have done. And it literally hit me. Tattooing is about the only thing that even the thought of seemed like a better then a job type thing. Now I'm not going to pretend like I can or could just take it right up and start doing it. but I do want to be a sponge and learn all I can and this board seems like a great start.

So to sum it up. I'm just an average guy who loves art, loves to draw and paint, loves history and culture, loves music, and people in general. I try very hard to be positive and not take in negative things nor put them out for others. The thought of not "working" but creating and connecting and doing a beautiful craft absolutely delights me. I hope to learn as much as I can and can not wait to start reading this vast message board. I also much say I really admire and respect how this board seems to be operated. The registration and initiation process is outstanding. Props to you all. And a final word or two. I am a very passionate person but am also rather quirky and have a sharp sense of humor. If I say something strange I assure you its in good humor.

A few bits about me. Huge music nut. Huge sprots fan. I'm big on family. And the motto I live life by is "Karmas a bitch".

Nice to be here everyone!

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