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Hello everyone. My name is Brian and I am from a tiny town in NC. I'm 31 and a little late to tattoos, even though I got my first when I was 18. I technically have 2 tattoos but I have gotten work from 5 different artists. I'm late to learning what tattoos can be. Ever since I was sparked by the work of Dave Tevenal and Myke Chambers I feel I want to know as much as I can about tattoos and it's history. I didn't know if I wanted to admit in this thread that I want to become a tattoo artist but I guess I just did. Though this is true and I do want to learn from this site and it's forums, what I want to learn is how to approach my dream with respect to the industry and learn its history. I am very open to harsh criticism about my ideas and misconceptions. I look forward to meeting you all in the forums. Thank you.


Dave Tevenal

Myke Chambers

Filip Leu

David Bruehl

Jim Sylvia

Scott Christopher

James Tex

It goes on and on

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Hi, welcome! Do you have plans for future tattoos? I think the best way to know if you want to tattoo or not is to get a whole metric fuckton of tattoos.

And honestly, there are too many tattooers right now and not enough money flowing around to make it worth it unless you are just a jaw droppingly badass artist. Which is fine! Glad you at least have good taste in tattooers. Hope you find the forum welcoming and helpful :)

(also, sign painting is not particularly cool or glamorous right now, but it is a great trade and a lucrative way to make art for a living)

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Yes, I definitely have plans for more tattoos. I just stopped bouncing from shop to shop and now I know who I want to be tattooed by. I'm not concerned with money or glamour. I just want the opportunity to do something that I can love. Thanks for the welcoming, it is much appreciated.

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An unsolicited word of advice from somebody who doesn't tattoo, but who works in an industry where people do it out of "love" and "passion" instead of money or glamour: you might want to do something that you love, but people make a living off of this. This is how they support themselves and their families, and diminishing those incomes isn't necessarily the best way to support and show a love for tattooing.

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