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Hello - Brand new and have a problem with my first Tattoo


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I am Caddi.

I got my first ever Tattoo on Saturday - something that means a lot to me and I have a problem...

I have attached a photo - is this ink bleeding?

I am stressing big time.

Artist is reputable - not a back yard job.

I guess this will look like this forever?

It was exceptionally tidy and clean lines when done - this was what I woke to the next morning.

The 3rd Symbol - the V on the side is a mess...

Oh no.... stressing big time.

Thanks in advance for any advise - good or bad.

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Good morning Caddi. Welcome, thanks for signing up, all that stuff.

Firstly, you need to let it heal completely. That may take up to, but maybe even past two weeks. After that, go back to your artist, and let them see the tattoo. That'll get you on the right track to solving this issue. Tattoos can look all kinds of messed up in the healing process.

That said, it does look a bit spread under your skin. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

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Thanks for the reply.... 41 years old.... I have wanted the symbols for a long time (there are 4 more that look a lot better under that sleeve) as it is the brands of my beautiful horse.

Really disappointed - looks like what google is telling me - a blow out??

I know I have to set it heal but pretty sad about it at the moment....

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