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I'm afraid this intro is going to be pretty boring. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 and I homeschool my 6 and 11 yr olds (my 16 yr old attends high school). My first tattoos were done when I was 18 and they were pretty shitty, so I'm in the process of getting them covered now, along with adding some new ones. I went 18 years since then without getting anything done and have gotten 3 this year so far. :) I also have more piercings than my husband would probably like, but he's gotten used them them (good thing, because they aren't going anywhere). As far as interests, I am a big horror fan and I love scifi. I've started collecting creepy masks by a local mask maker and I have a decent tarot card collection. We spend a lot of time at local amusements parks during the summer/fall, though I don't ride coasters as much as I used to. I drink way too much coffee and pepsi max and I get far more excited over cupcakes and cherry soda than a grown woman should. I shave my head and people keep trying to talk me into getting it tattooed but I'm a chicken. lol. Oh, and I have a soft spot for animals which explains why we have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and a snake.

I am done rambling now.

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