2 solid tattooers needed for Iron Crown Tattoo in Monterey, CA. Very busy custom shop

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Iron crown tattoo in Monterey CA was established in 2010 and has grown faster than imagined.

We are a full custom shop in a great location. We have 2 colleges and 2 military installations and

countless of local tattoo enthusiasts and tourists and travelers that keep our shop plenty busy.

We need artist with high talent and skill with 3-5 years at least of experience. You have to be comfortable with custom artwork, top quality customer service, and providing a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We need someone that is dedicated and reliable. We've earned a great reputation locally the hard way, and need folks that arent afraid of the hard work it takes to keep it. A love and passion to the craft of tattooing is an absolute must.

What we DONT need are the typical things no tattoo shops need these days like rock stars, druggies, unreliability, unprofessional

talentless, inexperienced, drunks, tough badasses, drama queens etc.

We encourage you to come guest spot to see if you're a good fit to our team

You can contact us and send some samples of your work to ironcrowntattoo@gmail.com

Our website is being revamped as we speak so you can check out Facebook.com/ironcrowntattoo

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    • Ended up going with a mandala over the knee.  Did the skin rip along the bottom because my other piece came up too high to allow for the full circle. 
    • That looks you have some rash or skin condition. Go see your doctor. We aren't doctors here, and we can't diagnose anything.
    • Hello, new to the forum, I had some questions about white ink. I got a black and grey half sleeve in 2 sessions last year. September and December. I got some white highlights that have seemed to never heal properly. Some spots are red and raised, while others are normal looking. It's been 6 months since my second session and I still have raised spots. Is this normal? I went back to the shop after my first session and they were like yeah that's fine, nothing to worry about.  I've included some pictures.    Thanks for any input!
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