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UK Tattooer seeking Guest spots

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hey. my name is Nathaniel Pea and i have my own studio. i took it over from the previous owner in 2011 having served an apprenticship under that owner. All of this is known by and checkable with my local competition who i am on terms with. i have been tattooing for 8 years in total over two apprenticships and 3 1/2 as a proffesional. i would really like to get out in to the industry a bit and see a different side of my job. i have as i said run my own registered studio for 3 years and have all the documentation to prove that, however if more is needed i am also in regular contact with the lady who overlooks the tattooing side of the environmental health office. i am passionate about tattooing. its all i do. i am always willing to learn. i love learning. i produce my own flash, am interesested in machine function and maintain my own machines (although i have never yet sucessfully cut a timer spring!) and really just buzz off of anything to do with any aspect of tattooing. i would like to think my tattooing is ok. i would love the opportunity to work with other people.

i have a few photo's on my profile and in the next couple of weeks i will be uploading more. the reason i dont have the unending streams i see and wish i had is that i work in a street level street shop.

I do about 50/50 appointments and walk-ins. i tattoo A LOT of script and stars

i suppose what i would most like is a job in a studio with like minds. people i can bounce of of and hopefully they can me. but guest spots would do it. if any one can help thanks.

my studio number is 01952 253059

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