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I just wanted to introduce myself and tell a little bit about me. I started collecting tattoos after my father died 3 years ago. Kind of getting a late start for I am 41 years old now. I have always wanted tattoos but never thought it was "Ok" for me due to my profession. After my father died, I decided that I have to live my life for my family and myself. Nobody else. It doesn't matter what other peoples oppinions are as long as my family loves me and I love myself for who I am. Now I have a full sleeve on my left arm and 3/4 back piece and love the decisions I have made. My journey collecting tattoos has introdued me to some awesome people and many friends that I would not have had otherwise. I also started a little side business for tattoo lovers. It's called the Tattoo TShirt Club (tattootshirtclub.com). Every month I send a t-shirt to our members from a different tattoo shop across the country. I follow many tattoo artist on instagram and love their house logo tshirts. I kept trying to think of a way that I could get some of these. Then it hit me that other people may want one also. So the idea was born. Can't say that I have a ton of members but every member I have really enjoys their t-shirts! Anyway, thank you for reading my story and love the forum!! Great people on here!

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