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Hey guys, Fresh meat here. I have been about 80% there about getting a tattoo for about a year or two now. As I write this I am 24 years old. Currently I am dating a girl who has a large one on her leg and is contemplating going full squid leg, as I see you guys call it (oh god what have I got myself into). Anyways that was probably the last push I needed. I have been HEAVILY researching it over the last month and half or so. I have decided to get a Japanese/Asian style tattoo as I just love the way they look and some may say I am a little obsessed with east asian culture :P and have been for the last 8-9 years now. I want to get a martial arts related tattoo, as I practice traditional Tae Kwon-Do by the favorite student of the man who invented Tae Kwon-Do.

Now right now I just can't decide on placement. It's between upper right arm or right pec. Eventually I would like to go full sleeve, but can't afford that right now and I feel like a full sleeve is a bit too big of project for a first tattoo. I was thinking of something like a martial artist standing, looking defeated under a sakura tree, seemed like a good idea but I don't know if i can fit all the proper detail of that on my arm without it taking up half my arm. I was having the idea of having a few rose pedals fly off onto my chest a bit. But i would also like to do something similar on my left arm/shoulder down the road, so I also have to think about symmetry. AHH so many options. Any bit of help, helps.

anyways, thanks to anyone who actually reads that.

...uh sup?

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