Holla from southern Africa

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Hay my name is Scully

currently tattooing from South Africa Johannesburg

been tattooing for the last ten years or so . no specific style or anything although i do lean more towards abstract or more outrages stuff

tattoo is life for now currently on a mission to learn and ingulf myself in the art and industry as much as possible .

well guess thats it really .

hope to have some epic times and bomb discussions


Instagram scully8ink


pleas have a look at some of my work , a good critiquing can improve ones work as much as it can destroy, its all perception .

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A fellow South African! I'm in Pretoria, but close enough, hey :)

I know very little about tattooing, so I won't say anything at all about your work (though some of it looks nice, and some of it looks ok)

This site had a great collection of tips and tricks and drawing skills for tattoo artists, but I keep getting a server error today (I was reading on there last week, so maybe it's just a temporary thing?)

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    • I just wanna say this,I have many many tattoos and many years of getting tattooed and by many artists,I started when I was about 25 and I am 59 now, I am still getting tattoos, and ,well,I still get tattoo remorse,regret,etc,etc,what ever the F*** you want to call it,to this day !   it goes away,maybe takes a month,maybe takes a week,once the pain of the $600 or $1500 I just spent goes away,I am thinking of my next tattoo, and all is good in my world again.
    • Do you mind me asking, how long did it take you to get past the serious regret phase? @Carmelita
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