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Hi my name is Tonya and I am new on here I need help what to do with my four month old purple Lupus ribbon tattoo the problem is the purple color didn't take right I am going to get that redone but two days ago when I woke up the tattoo look like my arm was scabbing I send the man a picture the one who did my tattoo he said the color is fading he can do a lighter color but that not the problem I see I also have five others old tattoo and this never happening before with the colors or scabbing after five months I just wanted to make sure before getting this next touch up again next week that it is OK need help with this anyone thanks. How can I post a picture of my tattoo on here.

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i'm guessing it might have been an issue on the application end

but who knows

i would say leave that tattoo be

even if it doesnt heal good

or you end up with some scarring

its still a cool piece with alot of meaning i'm guessing

and if you feel also that the end result had to do with the application of the tattoo

then as a consumer use that info in selecting who is gonna do future art on your skin

just my 2 cents

btw i dig the tattoo though

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Dave he did this tattoo four months ago have been noticing that the purple didn't take I was waiting to get the color touch up until three days ago my skin in certain places of my arm start looking like it was acting up snake skin if a needle go back over it damage those areas because it very soft in those areas I went to my doctor yesterday gave him look at no sign of infections believe if I do a recolor right now might damage skin in those areas he sending me to a skin doctor next week to make sure everything is OK I can get a touch up I am located chicago il .

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    • Yessir I still have a 2 bicep bands scheduled with the same tattoo artist. He says he’ll know exactly how to do it for next one because now he knows how his depth should be with my flesh especially on the inner bicep. He says we should be good no issues. what do you guys think? Should I continue - he says the tattoo would be free given the previous ones. 
    • It takes 6-8 weeks to heal. You’ll know then, regardless of how many times you ask or how you word the question. Having said that, thin delicate skin, like where you got your tattoo, is most prone to blowouts and thin lines make them the most obvious. There is nothing you can do except cover them up if it really bothers you. It’s been asked dozens of times.
    • hi guys, ive recently had 2 band tattoos done and it’s been 5 days since. first is the wrist band (3 lines) and the second is the ankle band (1 thick line between 2 thin lines) I’ve been rubbing Richie Bulldog certified hustle butter on it daily (twice a day) since taking off the plastic cover. First plastic seal was put one for 24 hours then I washed it and dried it and put another plastic seal for 48 hours. So I’ve rubbed hustle butter since Wednesday evening. my questions are: - are these major/minor blowouts? - would you continue using same tattoo artist after these blowouts? - tattoo artist is willing to fix them with same skin tone ink to camouflage it (after it is fully healed) free of charge - would you move forward with this? - how long does it take to fully heal? - if tattoo artist is willing to do a free tattoo for this inconvenience, should I consider it? ankle band: front view: Outer side view : : inner side view: Back:  
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