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New kid in town!


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Hi! I'm Shelby and I'm 19. I just started college and I love anything that has to do with piercings, plugs, and tattoos. (I have all of the above but a tattoo) Just looking for some inspiration wherever I can find it. Snapchat is sweetshelby123 if you ever want to talk!

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What kind of styles are you drawn to?

More into Greek mythology and poetry types. I'm really into this one quote from "The Satyricon" by Petronius Arbiter:

("For I indeed once saw with my own eyes the Sibyl at Cumae hanging in her jar, and when the boys asked her, 'Sibyl, what do you want?' she answered 'I want to die'.")

If someone could ever make that into a tattoo, I would get that shit put on me ASAP!

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