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any ideas on how to finish off my tattoo?


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Hi all,I've come to you guys to see if you can help with ideas/ inspiration on part of my half sleeve tattoo!

 I have a half sleeve which finishes off just above the elbow. I'm really happy with the inside, but would like some advice on the outside part of my arm. I have a pocket compass which is partly tucked away under a wing. Somehow, to me, it doesn't seem finished off and it really plays on my mind!

From the front, it looks fine, its just from the back and base I have the prob with. 

Any ideas on how to break up the rear, darker rim? BTW, I have a rose and leaves round the rear/ inside of my arm.IMG_0052[1].JPG




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Welcome to LST!

Your best bet would be to talk and consult with your artist. This way you two can go over all possible ideas, placements, and additions. if you check out the Tattoo Gallery and Latest Tattoo Lowdown, you may be able to get some ideas started by the great tattoos that have been posted in those. 


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I honestly like the style of the artwork you have, nice detailed grey work is my favorite. It sounds like you are just itching for more. Go in to your artist and finish up your sleeve :10_wink:


Another thought is if you are saving up for it still, it gives you more time to look at a ton of artwork out there before making any decisions on this piece. This is the fun part, working new art into existing tattoos :)

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