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While my next tattoo was supposed to be one of the big pieces I'm planning to get on my arm, I just made a spur-of-the-moment appointment for a small hand poked one. I've followed the artist's (she works in a studio where I've been tattooed twice so far) budding work over the last year or so, and after seeing one of her tattoos live, I just couldn't resist the temptation to get in touch with her to discuss the eventual feasibility of an idea I have. Obviously one thing led to another & I now have an appointment for the 20th :D.

So while I wait and obsess about the upcoming tattoo, I was curious to see what sort of hand poked tattoos do you guys have? Anyone have anything fun and/or useful to share on the subject?

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Hand pokers have the advantage, that when the power goes out, they light a candle and do not stop. lol

If we ever go back to the stone age they are our boys and girls...

I have done a bit of hand poke and it is slow... even when designed to be efficient  ....

There are some great artist in that style

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I have a friend with one hand poked tattoo and maybe the artist wasn't good, cause if you take a closer look - line consists of a lot of several dots. That's why I think this method is good only for dotwork style. I don't have a photo, sorry.

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