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Hello there,I've been wondering what is the meaning of this logo


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Hello,everyone,I am new from Hong Kong.

As I met a girl whose arm has this tattoo as shown below,I've wondering what is the meaning of this logo.

Once I asked the girl,unfortunately I forgot what she told long time ago...

Can someone help,please^-^


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31 minutes ago, marfil98 said:

I don't think that's a logo, at least not of any company I've heard of. What is does remind me of is a simplified vevé, a symbol used in voodoo.



oh,sorry for my bad choice of word,it's a symbol instead of a logo.

So,it's a symbol used in veve voodoo,some kind of cult?

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3 minutes ago, lape said:

My question is why do you care? Or why don't you ask her again?

It looks like a stylized heart, facing her, which also reminds me of female reproductive organs.

Just curiosity.I cannot ask again because I've lost her contact...

A female reproductive organ?-_- The symbol looks like a peach to me

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