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Blisters from using Saniderm?

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I got a tattooed recently and my artist put Saniderm on me. Unfortunately I had to take it off early because there was a piece that peeled back and exposed my new tattoo. When I took it off I noticed that I have red marks / small blisters on me. It’s around the edges / boarder where the Saniderm was. I’ve looked it up and some people said it’s common for some people to experience it. No biggie. But I looked closer and I have a few small blisters on my fresh tattoo, which is probably from the Saniderm also because he had to overlap the pieces and it caused blistering from the friction of the constant pulling on the skin. Should I be worried? Is it going to affect my tattoo at all? 

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    • Thank you, im adding now, i want to complete this somehow up to my shoulder creating kind of a sleeve. I want to fill the gap between the raven and the wolf, and find something to complete the upper part. I always thought if it would be nice to add clouds , sky and maybe stars on top of it. What would be your suggestions. Will be much appreciated.
    • Welcome to LST! You might want to post a pic of your existing tattoo if you're looking for input/advice. You'll get lots of good, honest advice here.
    • You should be fine...don't re-wrap it. Keep it as clean and dry as possible (keep nasty sweat from other people off it). If you CAN wear loose, longer sleeves that would be ideal. 🙂
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