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Scott Sylvia arm wrestling video at Salt Lake City, Utah tattoo convention


Scott Sylvia gets challenged to arm wrestle by Nick Colella at the 2010 Salt Lake City Utah Tattoo Convention.


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This is a great video, thanks Steve and Mario thanks for letting us know about the challenger! It is such a short clip and I'm sure the story is much larger!?! Anyone, Mario, care to share more? I know Scott got a trophy jokingly sent to him for this challenge that sits in his booth.

Until next time...


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Oh yeah...how'd Nick hustle you? Hopefully you didn't lose too much.?. I think we may need to get some videos of Nick up here as he is one hilarious guy to be around!!!! Anyone ever see the videos of him on the Blackheart blog?

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I never challenged anyone to anything Rodin set it up and told Scott i had agreed to arm wrestle. so at the convention Nick comes up to me and was like "hey Colella you wanna arm wrestle Scott Sylvia?" and as soon as the last syllable got out of his mouth i said "Absolutely NOT!" so he tries this whole i think you can take him BS and yadda yadda all the while i am telling him he is out of his mind. So to make a long story short i arm wrestled Scott and got beat almost instantly. I had never arm wrestled before in my life i always thought it was some weird Over the Top trucker type thing, and i found out it is.

Scott can follow up and let everyone know what he recieved inthe mail a month later!

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I wouldn't arm wrestle Scott. I witnessed him ripping a bunch of cabinets and shit out of a wall at Blackheart once. Gorilla Strength!

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