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    Artist temperment in a non-artist profession. Currently self teaching and learning oil painting, drawing, and photography. I love arts and high quality tattoos.
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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    Art, Exercise, Outdoors,Travelling,Cooking,Photography
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    Domestic Engineer,dad,art student
  1. I loved getting tattoed by Ed Hardy! He is so knowledgeable, talented, and just all around cool guy! - - - Updated - - - Any piece I have seen has really stood the test of tome and still looks fantastic.
  2. Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Craig and I love high quality, professionally-done tattoos. I love Japanese tattoo styles, especially the new japanese styles as well as traditional japanese styles. I also like neo-traditional tattoos as well.:p I am amazed at how many great artists are out there now. I have a half sleeve by Ed Hardy in 02. Have too many artists I like now but I am hoping to get Inked by Shige, Gogue, and The Grime in the near future.
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