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  1. Hello, My forum administrator agreement (thanks to us, I appreciate), I would like to introduce a new 100% FREE Android Tablet app to help tattoers to manage their shops (customers management, tattoos projects, schedule). This application has been created for and by tattoers. The aim for tattoers is to schedule their tattoos sessions, follow customers informations, have a look on their benefits, receive alerts to help in their job (warning if drawing has to be done, meetings to confirm....) and manage tracability To load this app, go to GOOGLE STORE and find "TATTOO SHOP MANAGER" This app has been optimised for 10'' tablets at the moment and will be launched on APPLE STORE later Youtube presentation could be find here too: For any questions, contact us at tattooshopmanager@gmail.com Have a nice day Mostal
  2. I have a black tattoo and the other one full colored. Next ones coudn't be in black/white, colors are so intense, I'd prefer but it's my opinion only
  3. Hello I'm Regis from France Married with a tattoer, I've develop a mobile application for my wife to help her to manage the tattoo shop. Tell you more about this app later. I have 2 tattoos project done, a ful right leg and the upper left leg :japanese style, with snake, cat, waves, flowers New project for 2015: dragon and monmoncat
  4. All my tattoos from same artist...I think it could be great if great artists like Gogue put the needle on me :)
  5. growltiger, great job , I like it so much
  6. neither am I but owl and eagle in same tattoo project seems interesting
  7. I talk this week with a man with a cancer..he has chemotherapy each two weeks but is tattooed too No problem about care and tattoos are really amazing like other people without chemotherapy
  8. +1 It's difficult to avoid "ink fusing" in fingers, ink disappears faster and the pain to be tattooed is worse than other part of your body for sure
  9. I think PicoSure laser is the most efficient, do you know this laser ?
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