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  1. One of my favorite scratcher shops in Northern VA, love fucking with these guys... https://www.facebook.com/pages/got-ink-tattoo-studio/244709227204 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150524246652205&set=a.246564962204.140925.244709227204&type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150544729307205&set=a.246564962204.140925.244709227204&type=1&theater With a name like got ink?, how can you go wrong. Plus you can give them chicken wings for tattoos!
  2. Im not for face tattoos period, but whatever. If someone wants to get something stupid tattooed on their face, who gives a shit. They probably are going to make some life altering decisions that are not tattooed related. There are plenty of kids out their with bullshit neck and hand tattoos who are probably 18 years old and will deal with it the rest of their lives. Im sure 99 percent are not tattoo artist or rock stars, so they will probably have hell to pay finding a job. I believe in freewill, that includes allowing people to make dumb ass decisions. Any grown person should be able to think this decision through.
  3. The social D skeleton, probably in 1997 or so. Done by some old biker dude who probably smoked a whole pack of cigs during the tattoo. To be a 18 year old punk rocker, kept it to remind me of my roots.
  4. Im old: the new Bonnie "Prince" Billy Mule- If I Don't Six Embrace Jim Carroll Band- Catholic Boy Ween- White Pepper June of 44 Buffalo Springfield NWA
  5. My first two tattoos at the age of 18 or 19: Social D skull and Sick of it All dragon. Glad I wasn't into 7 Mary Three or Korn at that point, it could have been much worse. Although I still like those bands and some of the old punk, in my mid 30's I aint quite as "hardcore" as I once was. I am more likely to listen to John Coltrane or Tom Waits these days. Very grateful that I fell in with some great artist in the late 90's who guided me to the classic tattoo styles that I prefer these days.
  6. Its a personal choice. I choose not to expose my tattoos. While they could not fire me for them, I certainly feel the old guard would not appreciate them a lot and it would limit my ability to make more money. I work to make money and feed my family, not to express myself. I wish I had a career that would allow me to express myself and be free, but that just is not my reality and I have come to piece with it. The major decision makers in corporate America these days are probably in their late 50's or 60's. Once they retire and the new guard take over, I don't think this will be as big of an issue as there has been a huge change in culture. Until then I will play it safe and keep making some loot without being judged, whether it is legit or not. Kudos to those who don't care about the judgement.
  7. I might have to stop by when you are DC. I will be on the lookout for a babysitter.
  8. It is pretty bad ass. I wonder if any morons have responded?
  9. Cool topic. Due to being a broke most of my life, it has taken a long time to get the tattoos I have. Just within the past year have I gone below the elbow and I always felt like I was in some position of neutrality. I was heavily tattooed to most average people, but compared to my heavily tattooed friends I was pretty normal looking. When I was young I would only date girls with tattoos and who were into underground music. These days I have been through some crappy relationships and I am a single dad. I have learned that I am more interested in what is in the girls heart than what is on her skin. I have a handful of ex's who are heavily tatttooed, but the current girl I am dating has no tattoos or piercings. I tell the ladies prior to dating that I plan on getting tatttooed more, I will smoke my cigars and continue to do the things that make me happy. Set expectations and let them know what I am about. Im in my mid-30's know and have experienced a lot, I know what I am about these days. So for me, it does not matter if they are tattooed or not, I care more about them being cool and having a good head on their shoulders. If a girl was covered in horrible tattoos, I may not be able to look past that.
  10. List of things... Personal High Point: Getting my kids full time. It's changed a lot of things but has been great. Meeting Henry Rollins. Personal Low Point: Bouts of depression. Best Thread: The Random Picture, I'll flip to that when I have a bad day at work. Best Album: Aloe Blacc- Good Things. Nothing better than soul music that has soul. Best Film: Way out of the loop on this. Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Finally seeing Faith No More was great, but Coachella is not my cup of tea. Social D, Frank Turner, Lucero was pretty badass. Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Pawn Stars Best Restaurant: Random shithole Mexican resturants in No. VA. Not a big food person. Best Tattoo of the Year: Too many great ones. Lots of great artist worked on me this year.
  11. Kenny Wilson


    Honesty. Not only with others, but with your self. Love. My conception of this has changed a lot since my early 20s. My kids and my faith have changed that conception.
  12. The media likes to exploit the worst in everything, violence and hatred sell. The skinheads came from the mods. The mods were completely influeced by African American style and music. There is a decent book called Soul Stylist that kind of goes through the evolution from mods to skins to casuals.
  13. The git-r-done tattoo is pretty bad ass. I like how the imply that the skinhead tattoo is racist. Probably not the best idea of employement reasons to get skinhead on your knuckles, but not necessarily racist either.
  14. Saw Government Issue on Sat, first show for them 21 years. They were amazing, suprised me how tight the band was. The lineup that played was their last one (john stabb, tom lyle, j. robbins and pete moffet). They set the bar real high for old guys playing hardcore.
  15. Im sure it is more of a branding effort on their part. Who wouldnt want their brand to be represented by such an upstanding guy.
  16. Thanks everyone. I have tried to track down Reptile House vinyl, not easy.
  17. Not sure if this the right place to do this or not, but I wil do it anyhow. I was wondering if any of you had been tattooed by Higgs. That was one of my big regrets, I would love to have some of his work. I have a couple of friends who have, but there are not a lot of pictures on the internet of his work and I would love to see more of it. One of the shops I go to has a couple sheets of his flash and I think it is pretty awesome. Kenny
  18. I know what Ill be doing at lunch tomorrow. Have you seen the infomercial for Gathering of the Juggalos? Makes me feel ok about my life and all of the bad choices I have made.
  19. Yelp is lame. Just like amazon reviews. There is always one dickhead who is not happy and will complain, usually for a reason unrelated to quality and brings down the whole review. Speaking as a tattoo collector, not an artist, consumers who complain about prices should not get tattooed. If you don't care enough about our your body to spend money for a quality piece of work, do yourself a favor and dont get tattooed. I look at it as a piece of art that is there for a lifetime, paying reasonable money for something that will be there for 40 years (hopefully) is worth it.
  20. No doubt, seeing Mike Ness in MTV (late at night, 120 minutes) in the early 90's definately played a part in me getting tattooed.
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