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  1. my knees were/ are pretty scarred and they still healed pretty well when tattooed. we did do a line work on both then shading each one approach since im on the bike everyday. it was actually part of the plan to cover up the scars since my knees were totally dark purple from various impacts with ground. actually the tattoos have still held up despite continuing to impact the ground and a couple cars.
  2. I would wear a cotton long sleeve tee with banding at the cuffs. That way you can tuck the bands into plastic gloves. I haven't had great luck with wearing under armour over healing tattoos as the fibers are fine and are constantly pulling at the scabs as the shirt stretches over your skin. Ugh even the thought of wearing under armour over a healing tattoo is making me feel itchy all over.
  3. it wasn't too bad although it feels like I'm constantly falling on my left knee. Its a black cat so what did I expect. :p
  4. at first when I saw this, I was thinking, well I haven't gone to the gym since I started my legs but... I do bike on a daily basis and biked home after getting my knees done (in sessions) [except the shading session I got a ride after probably needs a touch up] and pretty much kept up with my daily bike routine while they were healing. I didn't do much difference in my aftercare routine and saw no real problems. I think I was lifting when I had my small back tattoo done, and I didn't take that much of a breather afterwards. But I try not to do any additional going out, standing too long, etc, so maybe that helps with the recovery.
  5. Like many people on this thread I've had similar issues with my mom (also boyfriends, but they are easier to get rid of) when it comes to disapproving of my tattoos. My mom was very upset with my first tattoo. I make sure I am very patient and hear her out no matter how many times she repeats the story about bikers and criminals with tattoos. (If I'm being a real dick I will remind her about my own arrest record). I am careful to explain the story behind them and I think what finally helped was a coverage expectation discussion. I have mentioned when I was younger I wanted tattoos on my neck, but now I see how that won't fit into my life, etc. I have also discussed my doctor's perceptions of tattoos and how they fit into my care. (I'm getting part of my face reconstructed and there is a lot of talk about which is more painful) Its basically been a lot of talking and me wearing what I wanted to wear around her when I visit. But then I showed up with a dagger on my leg. To me it was a very very personal tattoo for a dear friend and a classic pull on american traditional flash and to her it was a weapon. She could only see that I had branded myself with a weapon that made me look like a decidedly aggressive person. I was shocked and told her she was right. I thought shin tattoos looked aggressive but I never thought of that perception of the iconography. But I don't regret it. I do slightly regret the night I broke my face, but she doesn't seem to care so much about how that looks. tl:dr Keep the discussion open. Make sure to express that you expect respect and you expect to give respect with the conversation. If the first conversation doesn't go well, don't give up. They come around.
  6. The shading on my knee seemed to have almost 3 peels to it and was sore for a very long time. I don't think its a lower body thing as my other leg tattoos havent been this bad, but my body really wasn't feeling good about my knee cap getting wailed on.
  7. We/someone needs to make this into a playlist
  8. I got shingles the day after getting a tattoo. I had been carrying it for a couple days but it didn't blow up until after the tattoo. Passing out in a bathtub while up on narcs made for the worst healed tattoo I've ever had.
  9. Eep! Thats so exciting! For me its hard to imagine a day when I will be done my progress, but its exciting to dream about covered.
  10. I currently live in Chicago. But I have also lived other places in the states. Thanks for the welcome!
  11. I am so happy to see this bra discussion. After my rib cage I wore American Apparel bandu tops, which are not made for people with a D cup I found out tragically, many times. I guess it might just be easier to go without.
  12. Sure! Here are my legs so far. The cat was shaded 8 days ago. I think working on my legs right now is my prime focus, but I have one rib cage, and a little back and arm one.
  13. canarycoal

    Leg Progress

    Mario Desa (dagger), Kevin Leary (knees), Bill Smiles (sides of thighs)
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