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  1. The whole shop was doing them - each artist had drawn up a flash sheet and it was a first come, first serve kind of thing. So each tattoo was only done one :). I really loved it, it was so fun and an amazing experience. I'm not sure what you mean by 'good one for halloween flash' as this was my first experience and a really positive one :) Thank you :)
  2. 'Break free' or 'I want to break free' from the Queen song. I actually love this idea - I think I'll but the words on the backburner until I get an idea or the oppurtunity and need to fill a banner. This would really suit the other stuff I've got going on at the moment. That a very good point. I'm hoping 'break free' or 'I want to break free' is timeless enough but I'm still in my early 20s so while I doubt I'll ever hate freddy mercury it is harder for the meaning to evolve than with an image. Thanks for all the help and suggestions! I ended up getting the opportunity to get tattooed at a convention this weekend (big rose on the hip/bottom ribs) so I'm not getting tattooed for a while. Think I'm gonna wait until I want a design with a banner and fill it with these words.
  3. Once it heals you really shouldn't have much of a problem! The sunburn I mentioned was the only time that tattoo has flared up in the three years I've had it. I think your tattoo looks awesome with the red from what I can see of it.
  4. I've found red ink takes longer to heal on me too! All of my red ink areas have gone scabby so far - I even had one area get a little permanent dented scar. Recently got sunburned on the roses on my thigh (accident - I re-applied 3 times) and all of the red petals became raised and hot. then went super itchy and now flat again!
  5. I believe you have to comment 5 times before you can make a thread :). I found that some of the navigation can be a bit hard at first but generally members here are willing to help out :).
  6. I like it so far! Only thing I noticed is that like all of those tattoo shows everyone was still able to walk in and get tattooed immediately definitely got some good humour though.
  7. Recently I've had a bit of a hankering to get words tattooed on me, that just happen to be lyrics to a song. All of my other tattoos are either traditional or neo traditional, so ideally I'd love it to suit that style (similar to the writing used in banners perhaps?) But my question is; are they ever a good idea? Will they last/look terrible/not work on the body/look too 'pinteresty' against the rest of my tattoos? The lyrics in question would only be two words long, so hardly getting a paragraph on my skin. If you have any lyrics, phrases or words tattooed I'd love to see them! Thanks :)
  8. Wondering if anyone else went to a halloween flash event this year? I'd love to see people's experiences and what they got done! Below are my vampire teeth, first arm tattoo on the inside of the bicep. Done by Shannon at Man's Ruin Tattoo in St Kilda, VIC Australia.
  9. My little traditional collection. It is incredibly hard to photograph your own leg!
  10. If my partner had a problem with my tattoos I would soon have a problem with him, haha. Already had a couple when we got together but just don't think he cares that much. I used to talk over ideas with him and worry about what he would think but I've moved past that train of thought - my body, not his. I keep showing him tattoos I've seen that I think would suit him and always get not much more than a grunt in return.
  11. I've got two tattoos on the one thigh, one smaller, black and grey mabye habd sized and pretty close to my hip, and one larger woth colour covering a lot of the quad muscle. Little one peeled within a week and never really hurt to walk on. Big one swelled my whole leg up, could barely walk around on it for the first few days and standing up really quickly sent a rush of pain. Remembering in now was not a fun healing experience. Scabbed really badly too. I have shin/calf tattoos as well as the thigh and a small sternum and whilenthe thigh was easier personally getting tattooed, worst healer out of the lot.
  12. I've got some fuzz around the edges of my candy hearts and more on one of my older, rose tattoos. Doesn't really bother me when its happened and I've never considered going back to get them changed. I love art and its all unique and imperfect, but I can see how it would bother other who didn't view their tattoos in the same way.
  13. Hi LST members, its been a while since I last posted here, mostly because I recently went back to school and have virtually no money and have fallen out of the tattoo-getting process for about a year. But I have been trying to look for artists around Melbourne that do a lot of food themed tattoos in classic/neotraditional style, it seems pretty popular oversees but struggling to find what I'm looking for locally. Any help is greatly appreciated, and if you have any food tattoos of your own or ones you've seen and enjoyed I'd love to see them too. Thank you!
  14. My scabs started to come of slowly and then I had to go accidently kick a box at work right in the centre of my scabby bits and it hurt so bad. Right now of got a few bits hanging of my leg that I'm not touching haha. @Synesthesia definetly seconding you on wanting it do be done and over with
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