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  1. I can't speak for everyone but I must say the fact he was laughed out of the shop is the best sign that they were not the right people to work with and unprofessional. Cover ups are common, people make mistakes, especially at 17. I have done many cover ups, and In my day have got old ugly tattoos from my youth lasered and covered. I think you should just keep searching and find the right shop and artist that is more receptive to your friends needs. Certainly your friend should not be made to feel stupid for his/her decision to get a cover up or the concept for that cover up. Now that said, an
  2. Fun one on my friend Jessica.
  3. It doesn't look phallic at all. but honestly this probably won't hold up too well over time as its just made up of pretty high key colors.
  4. I agree you should find another artist and have this redone...maybe in conjunction with another tattoo so it doesn't feel like you're paying for the same tattoo twice so much. Just and Idea. But for sure have someone else rework this....
  5. Hope this is the right feed for this....I'm selling the four guys. been sitting around just too long. everyone will probably recognize these, but here's the low down, 1) is a Stigma Hyper, in good condition, only thing that is that there is a housing screw that went missing and was replaced by another screw not original to the machine, has no affect on the integrity of the machine just wanted to disclose that. selling for 300$; 2) a Jon Clark magnetic rotary with the brushles motor, basically like new only used a few times, included with this machine is the program box, and cord needed to run
  6. Usually health professionals end up taking it from the tops of my hands...
  7. get a killer color back back piece and just cover it. remember a polished turd is still a turd.
  8. I agree, it just needs something to balance it out on the upper back side. as is its too forward weighted but with some back ground to counter balance the composition it will be a great tattoo.
  9. cool stuff as long as the person is not sensitive to adhesives if they are it can cause allergic reactions like blistering and such, even scaring. I don't use it because of that.
  10. Thats way to general for most to even come up with a reference point. I'd google some stuff young the key words you mentioned and see if you can find his work in the image search should bring you to a close if not absolute conclusion. cheers.
  11. the design for a rough is pretty cool, there are some compositional elements i would sort out but over all its solid, however this isn't enough for a sleeve. unless your talking about half sleeve. but something of this theme could be easily turned into a full sleeve, wasn't it Odysseus who vanquished her, you could have a full sleeve scene that involves the battle between them.
  12. Ah I got it, Hello all, Names Morgan just as is in my User name. Been tattooing now 11 years, currently working out of Oakland at Bell and Iron tattoo. On of my co-workers turned me on to this site and so here I am. Cheers.
  13. Huh, seem I can't do shit till this initiation thing is completed. an any one tell me how this works or how to expedite this process?
  14. A buddy at the shop turned me on to this site....so whats next? Still trying to figure this place out. Guess I'm being evaluated right now? Cheers.
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