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  1. Its been a while. Just got this about a week ago.
  2. Agreed. It was one of those spontaneous tattoos and didnt prep right. I think that was miy biggest mistake. I would of use saniderm my self but I just didnt plann this one :D
  3. @BrickyOdin cool work you got going on there! As for my self, I am going through a tough time with my knee. So far it has been my roughest healing. I am on day 8 and finally the knee feels some what normal.... There is a quite a bit of scabbing even though I did my best to avoid it (lots of good cleaning, etc...) Knee sucks... Worst than my foot for sure.
  4. Lots of sacred geo (Whole Leg) And Geo Animals. Also have a space them throw ought my right arm (Half sleeve) and my back (top half).
  5. Well said. Thanks for sharing! - - - Updated - - - That's right just chill it will all be fine. ;)
  6. @AuntTudie, As @Synesthesia mentioned I am not sure you will get a response form any body out side the collectors "realm" But as a collector my self one thing I am aware is the ink the artists use. When I am collecting a piece from an artist I ask a few questions just like he asks me questions... One of those questions I ask is the type of ink the artists prefers to use. Most good artists stick to what is known... Inks I am experience with on my own skin from different artists is: Eternal Ink. Fusion Ink. and recently Empire Inks. I think there is others that are good but I am more comfortable knowing what my skin does good with. Edit: This is a good topic if directed to those who collect and not to an artist.
  7. Jan 15th (Tentative) Sacred Heart on Knee. Jon West Imperial Tattoo Company. Feb 15th (Tentative) Add more to my half sleeve. Tony Wayne Imperial Tattoo Company.
  8. I like the cat all over the "sterile" "product" :confused:
  9. My latest addition to my leg sleeve (on the works). By Jon West @ Imperial Tattoo Company. Knee is next with a sacred heart and than to tie it all together.
  10. Fun one indeed! Ill post it tomorrow. Just haven't had time.
  11. Keep strong and keep your head up. Nice to see you back. Take care.
  12. @Electric i, I have talked to many tattoo artists and some try to go and some say: Never do a show that shows anything negative about you.... For example... Ink Master can/could hinder you career where Tattoo Nightmares can/could boost it... <- That I do agree with... I have seen what @9Years is talking about... Been to several conventions and those who have gone through the show have a banner that say "as seen on season xxxx of...." Is no joke.... They ride that boat! I tell my self... Wow but you suck so bad in the show why would you want to advertise that? But as You and @9Years said "every chump with no clue" & "A fool and his money" all in the same and they all fall for it...
  13. Keep it for your self... I got my own, Thanks though!. :) :D
  14. Today is the day. Looks like I am collecting a shark. Jon West, Imperial Tattoo Company.
  15. There is no question about who Hooper is and his level of talent, But why you have to diminish a positive comment tors my tattoo?
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