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  1. Ok so I understand that 11x14 inches is the accepted universal size to paint flash. Can anyone tell me why? I love painting flash but hate cutting paper throwing away the left over after paying so much for arches. Arches comes in 10x14 and ive painted flash on it and it seems great and you can hardly tell the one inch difference . I'd love if arches made an 11x14 block but have yet to see it. Why not just make the universal size 10x14?!?! Am I missing something?
  2. My new flash set is up for sale.Sorry for the dull Picture but I promise these sheets are BRIGHT. $65 delivered in the U.S. $60 in person Paypal
  3. Reboot Your Life has good recipes and there's an amazing documentary on there to watch that'll blow your mind
  4. Great reference and ideas, thanks! I have a few of theses so I'll take mr. Robson's advice and dissect and rebuild to understand their composition better. Thank you everyone for the great ideas.
  5. Thank you for the good advice. My left sleeve is mostly Tony. I have spent many hours studying him and jason brooks work when they worked together. It just seems so natural to them and I feel I really have to work at it. I also believe the more I study the work of people like them I will improve with time. I think mr. Sylvia spoke of using a grid to help with his layouts. At five years I really don't have any business doing full sleeves or body suits but I'd like to make my layouts on medium sized tattoos more dynamic like Tony, Jason, Steve, and Grez. I'll start practicing the dissecting and rebuilding idea . Thank you again for the advice as well as a great interview.
  6. I've struggled with this and when I saw the interview with mr. Robson h, him and mr. Sylvia commented on how they had learned about tattoo composition from people they looked up to . To be completely honest they touched on it for a second and I was completely lost during most of it. I've studied up on art composition and have more books on the subject on the way but a lot of the ideas that apply for a canvas don't really apply to making a tattoo fit the body and have good composition. Dies anyone have any advice or book recommendations to help me learn more on the subject?
  7. I still love to skate. I just got a mini in my yard recently so I hope when it's all finished and perfect I've find more time to skate so I can stop getting fatter sitting on my ass tattooing
  8. A few years ago I thought I was re inventing the wheel and bought a bunch of the tattoo DVD's and was all about the "hyper realism" and no outline color work. I can't speak for anywhere else but in the Texas sun it was a poor choice. I regret all those tattoos and am bummed whenever I see one and it looks very weak and faded and much older then it is. I've argued that with enough black and good saturation they would hold but I really doubt it's possible while keeping all the color blends. Maybe alot of the art lovers that get these pieces will stay away from the sun and baby their skin to keep them alive but I know the bold will hold rule will help my active blue collar cliental's tattoos last the test of time.
  9. My first tattoo story isn't anywhere as amazing as the gentleman I tattooed yesterday. This is his first tattoo , done 32 years ago by Capt. Jack Collidge in New Jersey and it's still amazing today.
  10. I completely agree reference is everything!! I'm working on redrawing some Jerry and rollo stuff to help with my composition and how to keep open space even on small tattoos. Some great suggestions! Thanks
  11. Recently I was allowed to repaint a few pages of flash from a tattoo legend and it really opened my eyes to my lack of power in my own tattooing. Anyone have any suggestions of great flash to repaint? Or a story about how you had a real eye opener after studying old flash?
  12. Its crazy how I would wait for the new episode to come out wednesday mornings like a kid waiting for christmas. When everywhere I turn I hear bitching and complaining about the state of tattooing it is amazing how positive these are
  13. Higgs is obviously a legend but the local legends of texas really influence me. tony hundahl, Jason Brooks, Oliver Peck, Richard Stell
  14. I worked in detroit and you can tattoo minors with parental consent and it was horrible!!! I never had one of the minors that wasn't a complete train wreck accompanied by an equally train wreck of a parent.
  15. Some people love to bitch. I really feel like clients can feel when someone isn't happy and tend to not come back. I've worked with some gems that couldn't keep a client due to their attitude so honestly I think it's a problem that solves itself.
  16. I'm not sure if it's a myth or not but I've been told by more experienced tattooers that you can't get an allergic reaction with powder pigments. I've switched over to the best of my knowledge but still had a lady have a weird spot in the red of her tattoo that looked like a red reaction.