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    I live and work in Athens/Greece and i ve been tattooing from 2001.
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    Honest Tattoo/Athens
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  1. Thats happening if you start getting tattooed by yourself,so personal and individual.But if a tattooer is doing the job on you that means that hes taking care how the tattoo will look,he/she has the responsibility.It doesnt mean when you walk the door of a tattoo shop with a design or an idea that this should be done exactly as you want it,at least to a lot of shops that i know.
  2. before the 50 years you re mentioning there are :2 years,5 years,7 years ,10 years....if you can understand what i mean
  3. So i believe its or responsibility to talk about it more.Sometimes we have to put back the artistic ego and just work for the good of the customer.I think tattooing is a big thing with huge history and traditions.We have to take more from the past than hurry to put our mark in a way,
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