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    My name is Ben Tattooing for 20 years now and I'm thinkin I may be gettin the hang of it!! hehehehe got my first tattoos in 81 in the shop that I'm currently working in (One eyed Blue Monkey , formerly "Fay's Tattooo) so I feel I've come full circle!! I was fortunate enough to get tattooed by Henry Goldfield and Sailor Moses in the early 80's and it opened my eyes to the wonderful world of tattooing After 20 years of 6 day workweeks and semi crippled hands ,I'm still the first in the door and usually the last to leave!!
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    Rolla , Mo
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    did I mention 6 day workweeks? No other interests!!
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  1. I would have to agree with Deb ,I had 2 kids when I started and it did limit the amount I could travel and spend time with my peers , thus limiting exposure and growth. My shop was always close to the house so my kids could come and see me and I could help with homework and such but they sure didn't like the fact that I worked every week-end Now that they are grown and gone , I get to make up for all that and now have all the time I need to push myself to betterment At the end of the day though , I love my kids dearly and my son has his own shop and they both make me very proud
  2. Tattoo Machine by Jeff Johnson , a great look into the life of a street shop tattooer I have bought several copies off ebay I enjoyed reading it so much I send em off with machines going to other countries
  3. Tattoo machine by Jeff Johnson , A great book about life in a street shop , required reading at our shop
  4. Actually ,most of the flash shown , I drew in the 90's ! My son sent me the link a few weeks ago. Prismacolors ruled the day!! I've been plagiarized by the Chinese!! I am somebody now!!:cool:
  5. Great interview!! The video is great , love being able to see the person talk , a sincere man there!!
  6. your missin all the fun Josh!!
  7. Lots of soldiers ! In a bad economy , this is the place to be ,Uncle Sam's kids get paid twice a month no matter what!! Fort Leonard Wood is a training post so there's always a new crop of fresh faces I am currently workin in the shop where I got my first tattoos 30 years ago ,full circle!!
  8. after 20 years I got my first lefty , no difference noticed except that the machine is backwards in my drawer(all are frame side down) for me as a lefty , I prefer a righty with side binders
  9. bought em ,bent needlebars snapping them on , they don't work well with disposable tubes , to fix splatter issues you have to break down your set-up ................keepin my rubber bands thank you!!
  10. My name is Ben , I work at the "One Eyed Blue Monkey in St.Robert ,Mo Been at this now for over 20 years and still learnin
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