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  1. Upper bicep filed in with color. Love this. He really hit it out of the park. Sorry for the instagram link, I never got a good picture. 18hrs +- total. Inner arm in a month if I can find the right idea! Last spot for arm to be completed. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDgM6Quus7m/
  2. Latest and greatest. 9hrs worth. Full color coming next session in March
  3. Agree with Marley, while I don't have many, when in asked, I just respond that I like tattoos and the art, there is no meaning.
  4. Latest and greatest. Healing like shit though for some reason. Still getting minimal dabs of plasma/blood punching through a week later from where the skin stretched/moves from using my hand. Not sure if this is natural to the lower arm/wrist area or the new spray he used, Hush. Could that spray cause terrible healing?
  5. Thank you! The artist is really good at his craft. :) Unfortunately, it's healing like shit and yesterday my shirt caught, and peeled a scab off, leaving a nasty scar in the eye, and the whites didn't seem to take well. No fault of the artist, just bad skin and tattoos underneath. It is a 3x cover up. Using a small dab on vitamin e oil on the scarred spots, and he's going to hit it again in December when I go in for the last forearm piece. Even scarred/losing some whites, still looks 1000% better!
  6. Keep in mind, for a cover up, the piece would have to be a decent size larger to hide that. IMO, being that its that close to the wrist, and knowing what I know now, I would spend the money on a quality laser session or two to open up the choices you would have, cover up wise. Not saying complete removal, just something to lighten it up.
  7. Well, Im only about 20hrs under the needle young. My artist from 2 sessions ago told me to ointment up 3/4 times a day (Sparingly) untll it was healed. Well as I would lube and sit, I always took a papertowel and gently blotted off excess, but sure enough, the ink was pulling out everytime. Guess I cant gauge "Sparingly" lol... This sitting, my new artist told me to wash 3/4 times a day, don't use ointments, until its healed. I trust this guy like no other Ive met... Honestly, I would guess your artist just hit your skin way hard, or you had some skin issues in that area, which caused the massive scab. Worse comes to worse, can always have it touched up. Be warned: For me..... Tattooing over tattoos over tattoos hurts like no other.
  8. Skull "brought to life".... Sooooo happy with this and my Michael. This is on the inside of my forearm. 3rd tattoo over/in the same spot is NOT fun (Esp. with some bad scars)! From this: To this:
  9. Latest and greatest- Great guy out of Portland. Dunno if he wants name dropped or not, but Im sure you could figure it out if you wanted. Almost tapped @7hrs, but a 15m break and 2 fantas later, I was back in action. Had another tattoo re-done on the inner forearm during this sitting. 8/9hrs total.
  10. 9 hours, 1 session later: Went with the back of the arm for Michael. Ill post a re-worked skull soon as the bandage comes off, forgot a pic.
  11. Hey everybody! Name is Drew. Just looking around trying to get some opinions from others who enjoy tattoos! Anyhow, 32- Got 2 tats around age 16/17 (From shops)- One was horrible, which is covered now, kinda, and the other, is just blah. You know the whole, I want a tattoo, Im young, that picture on the wall looks ok type lol. Heres where we are at today. Oldie baddie and cover up. (Am getting the skull touched up when I go in next week) I have an appointment with a top notch guy out of Portland next week to have the classic st. Michael get reni done next, but, while I was set on where I wanted it (Attached to the skull, on the outter forearm), the closer I draw near to time... I worry spending all this money and talent on the back side of the skull would be a "waste".... What do you guys think, placement wise? I do want to expand while money allows, but then, have second thoughts that the forearm will not be able to expand setup like this...
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