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    I work at Topnotch Tattoos in Elgin, IL I like to do tattoos that look like tattoos. Clean, bold, readable. I try to have fun every day of my life. No matter what.
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    Chicago Burbs, IL
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    Old cars, painting, comic books, good beer.
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  1. got my hand done by Chad Koeplinger when he was in Chicago like 3 weeks ago. this was taken that night. sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.
  2. I had a guy come in a few months ago asking for snowflakes on his nose. After about 20 minutes of me asking "are you sure? thats your NOSE man." (the guy only had one other tattoo, a tiger on his forearm) He seemed perfectly sober and willing to commit to his nose tattoo, so I finally said fuck it and got set up. I decided to just draw em on with sharpie, so i drew actual snowflake shapes from the bridge of his nose to his nostrils and he didnt like it, he wanted them smaller so i wound up just doing the traditional stars and dots all over his nose. He took a break about every 3 stars and kept saying "next time i need a drink before this shit! damn!" After about an hour of "add one more here, make this one bigger" I was finally done with this guy, took his money, the end? Nope! The guy comes in WASTED 2 weeks later wanting a touch up, I told him he was too drunk and to come back when he was sober. So he comes back a couple weeks later, seemed a little tipsy but coherent enough. This time he wants his snowflakes covered up, because he was getting funny looks. He wanted me to put brown over it to match his skin color. i told him it wouldnt work but he insisted and had cash, so i get set up again and packed brown into this guys nose. Bridge to nostrils. He must've slammed a 5th of something while i was setting up because he wound up passing out drunk in the chair, we had to throw his ass out of the shop, he winds up passing out while leaning on one of those smokers pole things we have outside the shop, its snowing outside, he's in a t-shirt, puking all over the sidewalk. We're yelling at him to leave. Eventually the cops came and apparently he assaulted the cops and had to be taken away in an ambulance. So now this guy is walking around with snowflakes on his nose thats a shade browner than the rest of his face. That was the most ridiculous walk in I've had so far. Because of that I dont tattoo faces anymore. Unless its another tattooer.
  3. Yeah the typing "lyk dis" annoys me so much. "ay wat u chrge 4 a siqq tat lyk daT?" ..worst. I also got called a "trad guy" the other day. irritating.
  4. UglySteve

    Jerry Tiger

    Sailor Jerry flash. I changed a couple little things and made it blue. by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
  5. by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
  6. UglySteve

    Rose with Diamond

    On the elbow. by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
  7. UglySteve


    by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
  8. UglySteve


    The kid got this for his dad (craig), who also had an eagle tattoo. by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
  9. UglySteve

    martian girl

    by Steve Sims, Topnotch Tattoo
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