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  1. I had a few in mind but it turns out they were released before 2013, guess I'm behind the times. Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
  2. @Duffa that is quality mate! Congrats, you must be stoked!
  3. Well I've done lots of reading on all the after care products but I've only ever used Bepanthen. I know it does contain a petroleum product but every one of my tattoos has healed brilliantly and only one had a very small scar (due to the artist going over a spot too many times). I'd like to try Aquaphor but just don't want to risk it, if it ain't broke don't fix it, I guess.
  4. I would be too! Chest isn't fun It was a good day, he's a nice guy and I'm happy with the outcome. I posted a few pics the latest tattoo lowdown thread but here's one. There's a few blood spots there that have gone now.
  5. By WT Norbert today. Its a bit bloody in these pics. Saw Chad Koeplinger at the shop, if I knew he was in town I'd have booked in with him too! Bummed by a missed opportunity there.
  6. @InkedMumma glad to hear it! There's plenty of fine artists to choose from here and you're on the right track. Slightly off topic but I'm getting tattooed by Norbert right now! Foruming distracts from the pain a bit.
  7. Amok

    Iraq Tat

    Love the pink towel
  8. Actually simple tattoos are often best.
  9. Amok

    Tattoo removal

    I was wondering if this is just trolling or stupidity. But I guess they're one and the same really.
  10. Amok

    Tattoo removal

    He also removed his own appendix.
  11. Amok


    Hi and welcome! That's an impressive list of appointments you have there.
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