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  1. I am still very new to this site but thank you for building it and keeping it up. I have learned so much over the past little while and it would not have been possible without this site and it knowledgeable members
  2. I wear a ring but I have thought about getting our anniversary date on in palm side of my finger
  3. Let me ask another question. Right now I have a half sleeve and chest done. I am sure in the end I will end up with a bodysuit from elbow to knees, the more I look at designs the more I know it's want I want. My question, what next? If I get one person to do the whole thing or if I get different tattooers to work on the different panels, what would be the next place to go? Ribs or would the back be better? Sorry to everyone for asking so many questions, I am sure you all get sick of noobs like me... but I am looking for guidance. I wish I lived in a place that had lots of tattooers that I could chat with face to face and plan... but I don't :(
  4. very true, there is no problem with the way things are. I am catching up on the blogs now :)
  5. In all the threads I have read, Stewart's comments make sense to me. An asset to this forum for sure
  6. @Stewart Robson I know what you mean about half a bodysuit. I guess I should not have called it that. You are right in what you said basically just a lot of Japanese tattoos that are tied together with filler. I guess where I should start is finding a tattooer that I want to start with. I get tied up with foolish details all the time, this may be one of those times.
  7. never thought about adding the filler later, that makes very good sense. See I said I was new :) I have been reading threads and researching like a madman, I don't know what my rush is. I have made no decisions yet, other than I want two tigers and keep to Japanese theme Any other thoughts
  8. Who... that is another question? To be honest I am very new to the tattoo scene so I really don't know all the players. Coming from Newfoundland we don't have a lot of good tattooers. We have one great place, where I got my cover-up done but I think I want better (that sounds bad and I don't mean it to) So I will be traveling around to get this done... so it will take time.
  9. So I have been reading all the threads I can find and still need some help. I am trying to plan half a body suit, elbow to knee on my right side. I have my half sleeve and chest done now and ribs are next, I think? So my first problem is this, I want to collect from a few different tattooers but I want everything 'tied in' do you all think this will be an issue? Second is the planning part... where the hell do I start? I don't mean the design of the tattoo but I guess the placement of the entire thing. I see a few different sections, I want two tigers on my ribs. I think there should be enough room for that. Something else on my front hip area, like a Hannya mask or something. Something else on my ass and hip area, I don't know what then either one big design on my leg or maybe two, front and back Which leaves my back open and maybe the upper part of my shoulder, which I was going to get a Koi on this summer. Does this sound reasonable, insane or something? Is this something that I can figure out on this forum, I know it's probable a lot to ask, or should I stick to individual consultations? Thanks for reading this long post :)
  10. str8edg

    almost done-02

    I had to comment on my own pic... I could not stomach looking at the pre cover-up pic on my profile :)
  11. I have been a part of a few forums over the past few years and have found the chat room a great place to meet new friends and well... chat! I did a search and could not find any such chat feature here. Could be a good idea / improvement... maybe? I figure I would mention it, even though I am new and have to right to :)
  12. What was the movie like? We don't have theaters up here, so I just add titles to my list for next summer. Has anyone seen The Machinist with Christian Bale? IMHO some of his best work ever.
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