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  1. I recently got this cute eagle filler by Ruby Quilter at Sang Bleu. It's a different style to my other tattoos but fits perfectly in the gap.
  2. Here are selection of my traditional tattoos. Some i've shared before, some new: Peacock by Luke Jinks (Cloak and Dagger) Elbow rose by Marcos Attwood (Broad Street Tattoo) Dietzel Girl by Tony Hundahl (Rock of Ages) Panther and snake by Valerie Vargas (Modern Classic Tattoo)
  3. I recently got this incredible peacock from Luke Jinks at Cloak and Dagger. The picture I pinched from his instagram page also shows a glimpse of a Bert Grimm sun I got from Nick Mayes when he guested at Frith Street back in March.
  4. I got this incredible panther and snake by Valerie Vargas earlier this week https://www.instagram.com/p/BBn6dIQkHUa/?taken-by=valeriemodernclassic
  5. Yesterday I was lucky enough to take advantage of a cancelled appointment and get this butterfly from Matthew Houston at Seven Doors. He's a really nice guy and I love the combination of colours he chose.
  6. Thank you for the kind welcome:D
  7. lucyb

    Snake filler

    Dan Crowe
  8. lucyb

    Elbow Rose

    Marcos Attwood
  9. lucyb


    Chris Hewish
  10. Hi all! I have been reading this forum for a while now and the majority of what I know about tattoos is from lurking on the forum and watching the interviews. So firstly thank you for helping to guide me towards getting tattoos which I love and don't regret (as of yet anyway!). Anyway a bit about me - I am lucky to live in London as its full of great tattooers and shops. I got my first tattoo from Chris Hewish at the Family Business Tattoo in August '14 and have since added tattoos from Luke Jinks, Andrea Furci, Mario Desa, Mors, Bradley Tompkins, Marcos Attwood and Dan Crowe. Since I love l
  11. lucyb


    Luke Jinks (Cloak and Dagger)
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