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  1. My chest is the only place I really have a problem with in-growns. I've had tattooing on my chest twice in the last twelve months. First time I just shaved with a good new razor and went along. I got some nasty ingrowns from that. The second time I had my wife wax the area(she's a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician so it was done right), and it worked out great. It took a bit of planning though. She said it takes about 14 days for waxed hair to start to grow back so we did it 10 days before the tattooing, that way the skin in the area had a chance to recover from the waxing trauma but the hair wasn't back yet. May not be a good idea, but it worked for me.
  2. I just re-watched the Kore Flatmo interview the other day. I like what he said about magazine features, and awards and such not being validation. He also says some interesting stuff about how mediocre shit(I'm not saying the show is or isn't) doesn't really affect the top notch stuff at the end of the day. It's just a tv show. People's reasons for doing it aren't really any of my business. I'm going to watch it because it's interesting to watch...train wreck or not.
  3. There's an Ed Hardy documentary on netflix. Maybe the best line from the whole thing is what he says about what hurts the most. His answer, "the tattoo you're getting right now".
  4. This is certainly just my 2 cents, but for me it would be a personal connection thing. One of my favorite things about getting tattooed is listening to some of the great stories artists have about getting tattooed themselves. There's a camaraderie I feel with other tattooed people that I just don't know I'd feel with someone who isn't very tattooed. This is really all just speculation for me though because I've not found anybody I'm eager to get tattooed by that isn't heavily tattooed.
  5. @dcostello I just signed up for goodreads, it looks pretty good. I'll have to try to make some time to do some listing on there. I'm about to finish The God Delusion, and the most recent thing I finished was Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor. Between my wife and I we've got... I'll just say an ass load of books. @Avery_Taylor I'll certainly check out Breece Pancake. I live on the Kentucky/WVa border so I'm always interested in local stuff. What's the last/best thing everyone has read recently?
  6. Would anyone be interested in doing some book trading? I'm referring to fiction and non-fiction, not so much tattoo books. Just an idea... thought I'd throw it out there and see what comes of it.
  7. I'm actually kind of interested to see Jesse Smith on there. They seem to have fun with the cartoony/color bomb guys.
  8. I'm the gun noob here. My wife and I are moving out to the country very soon though so I look forward to getting a couple. I'd like to get a handgun of some sort and a shotgun. I have kind of an odd question though I'm thinking you all may be able to help with. What would be a good to setup to shoot into? The place is about 2.5acres so there is plenty of space, but it's all flat so there aren't any hills to fire into.
  9. I use spray on spf 50. I'm lilly white and it keeps me nice and pale. It's easy to apply too.
  10. Looks awesome dude! Don't feel bad. I'm more anal about my lotion and sunblock than most women. Gotta protect that investment.
  11. After getting enrolled on Friday, I came home yesterday and there was a letter giving us mortgage pre-approval. So, school and a new home in the immediate future. Good shit. I would like to extend a big thanks to this people on and that run this site. It may sound odd, because it's just a website, but I've taken a lot of inspiration from this place. I've seen a dedication and focus in the tattoo community that it such a great influence. You really can do what you put your mind to if you REALLY put your mind to it. @Jake Anderson are you Orthodox by any chance? I live in Kentucky not far from where your recent service trip was, and I know there is an Orthodox monastary close that's pretty cool.
  12. I finally got enrolled in college again after about a 10 year "break".
  13. This is a blog Dan Henk wrote for Tattoo Artist Magazine blog recently. In it he discusses some of the issues with super realistic stuff and aging. I was just wondering what other people may think of it. Dan Henk: Sometimes The Old-Timers Are Right « TAM Blog
  14. That's some excellent looking stuff. Think you might be able to post some healed pictures once it's all healed?
  15. Just personal experience here. Clean and sober 5 years earlier this month and 30 years old now. The best thing my mom ever did for me was kick me out. Oddly enough she's a school teacher too. She's been a guidance counselor at an elementary school for almost 20 years now. I spent a day in a homeless shelter and was able to get in to a rehab program the salvation army runs for homeless people. It was a bit religious for my taste, but it was free, and it really helped. If you do some digging there are actually quite a few rehab(ish) places that are basically free of charge. I wouldn't call what happened to me an ultimatum or an intervention. She came home to find me passed out drunk on the couch and when I left she called the police. She came to visit me in jail after that and told me she could get me into this rehab place if I wanted, or I was on my own. She's my biggest supporter today, and we've got a great relationship. I know it's hard, and it's a shit decision to have to make, but I don't know anyone who got clean living with mommy and daddy. It's probably happened a few times, I just don't know of any. Just know there's a world of love out there, and there is help. Welcome to Al-Anon Family Groups
  16. I wish I had noticed this earlier, but since my wife is a big girl I feel I should put in my thoughts. There's lots of stuff on facebook, instagram and tumblr with big girls with tattoos. My wife is working on getting more and more tattooed and I think it certainly enhances her beauty. She's avoided her upper arms so far, but the dude we've been working with the last year or so is pretty hefty himself and he's been working on talking her into it. I agree with a lot of what's been said so far, and it's interesting because she and I were just talking about this the other day. My points to her were about the same as what a few folks have said. I think bigger tattoos are probably a good idea and certainly make sure you get good work done.
  17. Certainly a tragedy, but also certainly not a reason to restrict anyone's rights to own/carry weapons. Crazy people do crazy shit, period.
  18. I got turned on to Jedi Mind Tricks and Vinnie Paz a few months ago.
  19. Just talked to Matty McTatty, he's going to be in Huntington WV for a few days this month and I've got a tattoo scheduled! I'm stoked, just thought I'd share that.
  20. I don't think Hogrider's reply was suggesting that anybody who's done time is somehow less than anyone. I also don't think that getting stuff done in prison to save your ass equals getting that prison tattoo touched up when you get out. I certainly agree that some people do things in prison to survive that they might not otherwise believe in. If you get out of prison and you're still doing that stuff, then what it says to me is that you must really believe that stuff.
  21. something like....."I've thought about it, and personally it is subject matter that I'm not comfortable with, and I'm not comfortable tattooing things that I'm not comfortable with".... I was trying to be a little humorous with the wording... I might have failed.
  22. I think this kind of thing gets mentioned on here a lot, and I really like it. That is to work with someone who you trust and is good and the end result will be happiness. I've got 2 nice medium sized(about the size of my hand) tattoos that are unrelated on my left arm. If I'm a good boy and save my pennies properly I'm going to have the honor of having the great kore flatmo make an entire sleeve out of it. I haven't a clue what he's got in mind, but I REALLY trust him.
  23. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but, damn fucking chest hair growing back in a fresh tattoo sucks balls. Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming now.
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