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  1. Welcome to LST. I just saw those tattoos you did on your grandma's hands and face. Now she'll never get a job! ;)
  2. This forum was started by a professional tattooer, which should give you some insight into certain rules. I appreciate everyone's civil responses in this particular thread.
  3. You were right--this was of interest to me. Beautiful work, but it brought back some painful memories.
  4. Very nice paintings. Welcome to LST!
  5. That's incredible, @robz! And you already know what a great guy Henning is. How was that field of black clouds around your, um, towel?
  6. Signed it. And I know that this has been posted by at least one other member, but it deserves its own thread. Thanks for starting it, @cltattooing.
  7. hogg

    hello all!

    You have a LOT of great ones! Y'all are gonna bug out on this dude's collection--Freddy Corbin, Matt Arriola, Ben Grillo, Heath Preheim, Hector Fong, and more. Welcome, @hellamuch!
  8. That is the phrase I was looking for. Wow. And @BrianH, I love how dark the background is. I can't wait to see the finished product; the contrast is going to be incredible.
  9. Damn, dude! I was ogling that one earlier. You're stoked!
  10. Don't be stupid. Copy all my tattoos. And @Synesthesia, I much prefer Fran Massino's snakes. No question there. Fran's layouts and designs appear to be rooted n Japanese tattooing, which would lend itself to a cool fight scene.
  11. hogg

    Hello from India!

    He's an excellent choice, and I agree with you that he Is work has a beautiful old school aesthetic. I think you should email or call him to see what he says.
  12. Ha! That last photo with your daughter is too good @Cork. But you're not as cool as me (since all I took for my ass sessions was deep breaths). ;)
  13. hogg

    Hello from India!

    @Graeme Horiyoshi tattooed me by machine, and I'm fairly certain that he no longer tattoos by tebori. As for speeds, it varies from one artist to the next, as does tattooing by machine. I have a 2/3 sleeve by Horitomo that is mostly tebori, and he was faster than some machine-only artists. @anirudh: which artist are you referring to? I believe "Horishi" just means "tattooer" in Japanese. Do you have a link to his work?
  14. Unsurprisingly perfect panther, @chrisnoluck. Might have to change that username now.
  15. Welcome! And yes, please post more photos. :)
  16. Right on! And yes, please name names. No shortage of great Japanese style artists here in the Bay.
  17. Oh, of COURSE, that's on you, @sophistre. Damn, you make great choices.
  18. Have you called or visited the shop in person?
  19. You see a penis, I see a lighthouse. To each his own.
  20. There were too many comments to reply to each one, but that comment was the best part of the entire takeover. I'd argue that it's hard to latspread while holding a one-month-old, but let's be honest: latspreading requires lats.
  21. Thanks @suburbanxcore, @ItsNewport, @polliwog, and @CABS. I had a lot of fun doing that, even though it was kinda weird to just blast two dozen photos of myself all day. It was really nice to revisit all the times I got tattooed and the stories and experiences that went with each piece. And the kind comments from people like you all (and others who I don't even know through LST) really had an impact on me. @Iwar has started something great, and I already have several ideas for people I want him to feature in future takeovers. :) - - - Updated - - - You saw my bedroom tribal post, right? ;) And I didn't show all my tattoos in the takeover, so you can just assume the ones I didn't show are terrible.
  22. Yeah, man. Gotta keep your eyes on that dude. Everything he does is so damn cool.
  23. Welcome to LST! Nice intro.
  24. Thanks, @Cork, @Iwar, and @RoryQ. Freddy said he decided to go all black (as opposed to black and gray) to make it stronger next to the tiger. Great decision. By the way, I was getting tattooed by Freddy years ago and mentioned to him that I wanted to get a tiger and a baku or maybe a tiger and rooster from Lehi. Freddy said, "Just get two tigers. Two tigers would be bad ass." He was right (of course). It's only fitting that he wedged my son's name above one of those tigers.