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  1. NickBtattoo


    I will be working at Cardinal. I was there at the beginning, moved to cincinnati for a while, and am head back home soon.
  2. NickBtattoo

    Dumb Hipster Tattoos

    I've tattooed helvetica in helvetica font on 4 people in the last couple of months. NOT a cool tattoo. They all seem to think they are very original with it too.
  3. NickBtattoo

    Tattoo Collective Yes or No

    Great situation if everyone is on the same page with things. Only if that is the case though.
  4. NickBtattoo

    Artists that sign their work

    Such a bad idea. It is a tattoo. Not a Piece of fine art. The person wearing it owns it. That is all that really matters.
  5. NickBtattoo


    New guy here. Tattooing in Cincinnati currently, moving to Fort Wayne Indiana in a couple of months. Have been tattooing between the two places between 4 and 5 years.