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  1. Jesse Smith is doing it and I’m hoping no more than 40 more but no definite answer.
  2. I can see the progress but it’s on my back so don’t see it every day.
  3. Anyone have any tips for remaining excited and positive about tattoos that take a long time? I’m getting a full neck to knee and I feel like I’m getting burnt out. Over a year and 130+ hours in. Help
  4. I agree with where butt meets back thigh. Then right around nipples, knee caps, ribs.
  5. My eventual goal is everything that pants and shirt will cover to be tattooed I'm about half way there. I think it looks a hell of a lot better than my body before cause I was nothing to look at and now I'm proud of my body. I never thought I would be excited to show people my ass but this neck to knee piece gets so much attention!! LOVE IT!
  6. Yeah just had my first rib session yesterday I tapped at 5 hours. Usually do 8 on my back. It's a whole other world of sensitivity. Don't plan a whole day. Why torture yourself?
  7. New guy here from DC area. Have lots of work already but am getting more into collecting better artists and some decent pieces. Running out of room faster than anything else honestly but it's exciting to see everyone's questions.
  8. Worst for me so far was front of knee caps and around my nipple. I was actually thinking of blasting my nips too but once we got close I bitched out. Props to those that have done it!
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