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  1. I think that the tattoo looks amazing, but if you wanted to do so and wanted another tattoo, you could add to it.
  2. Is it me, but after reading all the differing opinions on aftercare of a new tattoo, it seems like it doesn't matter what you do except to just keep it clean and wash it everyday? Some say use this ointment or that ointment, this lotion or that lotion, and some profess nothing at all and just dry heal. Seems like if you aren't a total idiot about it, the tattoo is going to heal over time if you just keep it clean? So many conflicting views and opinions on the subject.
  3. I say go for a japanese sleeve. No use to beat yourself up. Just move forward. You have lots of options.
  4. Wow. Just looked through your portfolio. Dang, that is some really nice work.
  5. Anybody have experience with healing and aftercare of big back tattoos and grappling (e.g., wrestling, jiu jitsu, etc.)? How long did you wait until you got back to the mats?
  6. I actually always thought that Aquaphor was not petroleum jelly and better to use for tattoo aftercare since it wasn't supposed to leach off the ink. After reading your post and googling, I guess that Aquaphor is 41% petroleum jelly versus Vaseline which is 100% petroleum jelly. Now, kind of makes me wonder whether Aquaphor is the best to use or not for aftercare.
  7. Any issues with using Defense Soap? https://shop.defensesoap.com/body-defense/defense-soap-bar.html I just happen to have a bunch of bars of this at home due to my involvement in grappling and jiu jitsu. My wife though is the one who actually likes using this soap, go figure.
  8. Awesome. Thanks! I don't think that too much is going to stick since it seems like everything is flaking off at this point.
  9. Come to think of it, what is the purpose of switching from aquaphor to lotion? I've just done it because everyone else does it. Also, maybe aquaphor is too thick? Just got home from watching Star Wars, and the back of my shirt is littered with black flakes of scabs. LOL.
  10. My gripe with the back tattoo is that I really can't monitor it nor reach back to clean and lotion it. My wife does it but has no idea about how a tattoo is supposed to look. I just can't wait to be able to go back to sleeping on my back and grappling for workouts.
  11. Using aquaphor for first five days. Now switching to fragrance free lotions like Aveeno or Lubriderm. We happened to have all these lotions in our house for the babies so I'm just using what we have.
  12. Thanks, Graeme. Appreciate the feedback. But, for how long are you supposed to try to not sleep on it after you've had it done. I can't stand not being able to sleep on my back.
  13. I just got a little work done on my back. It's been a long time since my last piece (about 15 years). Seems like a good resource of information here. What is the estimated time until I can sleep on my back? Hate sleeping on my side. Got on here to read primarily about after care and have gotten some cool info. Thanks.
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