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  1. good to hear, hope it does happen! also hoping your tattoo healed nicely, thanks again for all the sweets and crisps, they didnt last long ;)

  2. hey, you should add your occult vibrations site to your signature for those too lazy to google it ;)

  3. haha, really?? thats awesome! that had me and stewart laughing :D stewart is still spreading the rumor that you have a potty mouth! ;)

  4. awesome! now you gotta get chad on it too ;) btw have you been having funny search queries pointed at your blog of recent times?

  5. i know i know haha, im well looking forward to working milan, i hope you guys arent too far off so i can come up and annoy you and hang out with the cool kids :D hope youre keeping well lady, and not working yourself to an early grave, yet! x

  6. about frickin' time too! now, go sign up to twitter so i can send you daft shit!

  7. Hey man, I'm looking forward to your first appt! Neurofen plus will be your best friend x

  8. sadly not this year but me and stew are well up for visiting around the time of next years SF convention and getting tattooed and seeing more sights. i'd be more than happy to do an interview, whenever it suits you. i'm excited to join this community, juan's interview was really awesome, cant wait to see more. i'll be putting new work up often and hopefully ill have some input on the forum too :) i fully agree with the feeling behind it all. thank you guys!

  9. thank you for the comments, glad you like 'em!

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