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  1. So we are narrowing it down - he wants black and white. That's a curveball to me. I'm a big fan of big color
  2. I'm a Jmu grad from the early 80's and have tons of friends who grew up in Harrisonburg. Best place I've ever lived
  3. Re Absolute Art - I may be mistaken. Foggy memory sometimes. I took a 17 year old there last year to schedule an appointment and even with parental permission they wouldn't do one. Thanks for all the names - I wll have him take a look at their styles. You asked what style he wants. As an 18 year old kid a lion is a lion is a lion. I'm slowly educating him on the wide array of styles and skill sets
  4. My 18 year old son wants a tattoo for HS Graduation. As far as I am concerned he has my permission but I want him to get tattooed by the best artist we can find who is willing to do an 18 year old boy. I know Absolute Art and Loose Screw will not tattoo someone this young so I need some help. Before everyone gets up in arms about someone so young getting ink - please note he's a rock solid kid. He is the worlds youngest sports agent;has real clients, was featured in Forbes; has a sports video business and has been accepted at FSU majoring in Finance. The Tattoo has personal meaning to him -
  5. I think if you click on my profile there is a shitty picture of it. If not I will try and post one I'm very happy with it. I had mike put flames where the his hair would be - as a tribute to a great now deceased friend. We shared an affinity to the line in GREATEST Story every Told : his brain was boiling his reason was was spent - Another reason that image means alot to me is that Stanley Mouse referred to it as "trouble comes in many flavors" Alas I always seem to find the chocolate QUOTE=Mark Bee;88574]Maybe my favourite Dead album. How'd the tattoo turn out? - - - Updated - - - My li
  6. I am shocked at the stupidity and utter lack of thought by these people. Both the VICTIM and the "artist" should be hung up to dry wet and then be forced to have a dragon tatttoed on their genitals by a heavy handed artist who has just broken up with the love of his life Just saying
  7. My plan from the beginning was to spread the wealth and get tattooed by a variety of artists. Ive been under the gun with Jesse Smith for about 18 months and need to stop and move on. My first tattoo from him was on my upper arm. I then decided I wan'ted a more visible example of his work and am now getting a sleeve (? not sure what its called on a leg) on my lower left leg. After that is complete I expect I will get a divorce and move on. There are just too many great artists to not try em all out
  8. Honestly I don't mind stares.It comes with the territory and I am proud of the work that I wear... What I do mind is people grabbing my shirt and pulling up without saying a word to me. WTF?? I can't count how many times people just reach out and grab. I try to be pleasant but I'm not much of a toucher and find this a clear violation my space
  9. I got a tattoo of the ice cream kid from the cover of the Grateful Deads Europe 72 album with about 10 minutes of thought. Parked my car in front of Aboslute art and ended up inside before I knew it talking to Mike Rennie...turned out amazing
  10. Well I never thought I'd be browsing a tattoo forum; heck I was 53 before I got my first tattoo. I've been blessed over the past couple years to be tattooed by Mike Renee and Jesse Smith - Jessie is doing a piece on my lower left leg that's gonaa be dope. I expect that my desire to be tattoed will not diminish and at some point most of my body will be covered much to the chagrin of my 15 year old who gets pissed every time I get home with more art Thanks for having me
  11. I wanted to do an anti racism tattoo and jesse smith came up with this idea to blend cultural stereo types into one happy little man
  12. This may be better. Selfies aren't my speciality
  13. Here's Jessie's work so far - I love it and can't wait to get another. Still have a bit more to be done but I'm already thinking ahead
  14. Sweet - thanks Graeme My only tattoo know is on my bicep and I refer to it as "trouble comes in many flavors" there's a crappy pic of it on my profile. So I'd submitted the same idea to jesse smith years ago and I have an appointment Wednesday. Thats like a week after contact so im scrambling. I love his art, especially some of his human characters - like the I have a dream cycle or big wheel riding kid. I surely don't want to inhibit him in any way - although a spaceman as a tip of the hat to my drug addled 25 years seems appropriate. Since I'm new -ill share some of my notes Everyone
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