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    14 year tattooer from New Mexico.
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    Savannah, GA
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    Interested in, tattooing,bikes, art, hotrods, dumpster diving, mexican food and hot sauce.
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    Full time tattooer and shop owner at Ghost Town Tattoo, in Savannah, GA
  1. So, once again, we are looking for a full time artist, things are going great at the shop and it looks like we have another busy year ahead of us. Thanks for looking and happy tattooin everyone! Check out Ghost Town Tattoo - Home The site needs to be updated again, but you can get a feel for what were up to.
  2. Yo, just wanted to add to this a bit, yep, still looking for a quality tattooer to work with us. Also, if anyone is looking to guest, we are going to be short an artist the weekend of July 4th. By short I mean it will just be me and I am sure that it will be a busy weekend. Help a brother out! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chuck
  3. I just thought I would share this gem. www.ldproducts.com Just found out about it last week. I ordered a set of 4 black cartridges and 2 of each color all for 45 shipped. Check it out.
  4. Our buddy Dave is moving back to Wisconsin in a week, so we have a full time position opening up here at Ghost Town Tattoo. We're looking for someone with a good attitude, solid portfolio and a good rep. The shop is a custom street shop located in the heart of Downtown. Savannah College of art and design is here downtown. Plenty of tourists, and a few military bases in the area, oceanfront 20 minutes away. . . Good location. You can check out our shit at Ghost Town Tattoo - Home or on f.b. Give me a call if you are into it. (912)695-7882 Or send a email to boomboxone@hotmail.com Cheer
  5. Horrible trend. I think that piercings have nothing to do with tattooing, but haircuts? not even close.
  6. Bank fees for sure, and the sake of keeping everything as simple as possible. We were running the shop as cash only, but ended up getting a cc machine, its good and bad. People are willing to spend more if they don't have to physically part with it. The cost per transaction can be high, especially on large tickets, but at least you can write off your fees.
  7. I've always thought it would be cool to host a blood drive.
  8. I had a guy once ask if I would trade tattoos for cups of coffee. Or if I wanted I could just get the beans and make my own at home. wtf? I've never been into trades, I did it once though. Snowboard, bindings and boots for an hour of work. My kind of deal.
  9. I used to plan out what I wanted and bring in drawings or reference, anymore I just make sure I like a tattooers work enough to just give them a general idea and let them go with it. I realized that I had been so picky in the past that I lost out on getting some rad tattoos.
  10. I recently found a bunch of his flash that I had bought years ago and I was wondering what happened to that dude. RIP Frank.........................
  11. It was about thirty years ago. We were at a flea market and this dude had the first art car I had ever seen. Inside and out there were toys all over the car, he even had a old iron that he would throw out the window when he parked like an anchor. Ol dude had his shirt off selling crazy things while wearing a clear plexiglass cowboy hat. It was the first time I saw a few things I guess, he had a solid collection of tattoos and piercings.
  12. I try to check out all the forums, but I think with all the new stuff constantly popping up like instagram people are pulled in different directions. I'd say this is the best forum I've seen, so I would be surprised to see it fall off.
  13. Yep, but its ok. I like to work with guys who are cool with communicating enough to be able to handle some criticism I don't feel like its being a dick to be like.. Man, those lines didn't look like they were in there. Some may answer, I know, that outline kicked my ass or, I noticed that too, I tried a couple different setups and still struggled.... Others may just get defensive and swear they were fine. I've worked with some serious ball busters, and that really helped me to realize that quality counts.
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