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    Hi i'm Cody, I live in fullerton california love getting tattooed and collecting flash and paintings.
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    Film, collecting Flash, and paintings
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    film maker/ special effect makeup artist

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  1. The infoamouse Spider Web Elbow...Getting Pretty Tired of Folks who know little to nothing about Tattoos jumping in (during a general convo) and saying it means "you did time" or its a "jail house tat" BS! If the History books of tattooing are correct (Pretty sure they are!) with they're dates Bob Shaw was sleeved by Bert Grimm at 16 and both of his elbows are Spider webs. Did Bob Shaw do time at 15 come out go to Bert and say hey man just got out the pen so i need to get some spider webs tattooed on my elbows? I doubt it! I mean even when you google Spider Web Elbow everything states Aryan Br
  2. My front (chest, belly) is full color. My back is Black and grey. Left leg is American traditional. Right leg is Japanese. Both arms are American traditional.
  3. just wanted to throw in my personal "outlook", "experience", whatever... I started out as THAT dude called it a gun not a machine. Thought I knew everything when I didn't know S#!@. But I was a fan kept getting Knowledged asked the rite questions. stopped the Rediculous demands on how I wanted MY tattoo to look and went with the flow. Now out the Respect and Loyalty I learned early on in getting tattooed. the bennifts to becoming that "Ideal customer" are my tattoos are way cooler because I do Give free range to the artist and keep my demands simple. Example: I want a unicorn with a dagger. t
  4. Gonna use this Thread for this question. There is a Sheet of flash which are all butterflys and I want to know the Name of the artist who the sheet was done by. The artist Signed it PM and I believe its dedicated to Horiken (could be thinking of a different sheet by the same artist). Anywho there is one butterfly where the torso is a girl head and the design in the wings are a shipwreck and a sunset. Another one is a skull and the wing designs are like cross bones and what have you. The reason I ask is I want to get the "girl head butterfly" and I'm big on the name game so if people happen to
  5. Bold WILL Hold! I've got alot of stuff lined in Loose 8's and 9's but I've got a few that were lined with an 11 round shader that are tuff as Snuff buddy! If there is anything We can learn From Eric Maaske Bold, Bright, simple and always awesome.
  6. Left arm Traditional images with star and dot filler. Chest tradional panther head Mashup. Belly I'm planning on doing the Pharaohs horses. left leg is mainly apprentices or friends new to the game. Right leg legend of the Koi Dragon Japanese stocking. right arm same as left arm. Back 2 black and grey potraits ( left shoulder blade potrait of my great aunt just becuase i liked the picture and the right Marilyn Monroe) and the rest of the back Black and grey Rock of ages to frame the 2 potraits. feet idealy Hot Stuff and lady Hot Stuff.
  7. In my opinion They all suck! strenum was Just Gnarly. Thighs suck. underside of the wrist was pretty Gnarly too actually. When all is said and done though Glad I never have to do Sternum ever again.
  8. My current List is as follows...No real Celebos yet John Troeller - Classic Tattoo Fullerton Gabe Munoz - Classic Tattoo Fullerton Mikey Taylor - Classic Tattoo Fullerton/Rise Above Tattoo Bill Wang - Classic Tattoo Fullerton Mike Manarino - Aces High Fullerton Brother Greg - San Clemente Tattoo Brandon Dubois (friend) Former Shop Hand at Classic Tattoo Fullerton
  9. dfcody89


    Koi Artist John Troeller
  10. mermaid artist John Troeller
  11. dfcody89

    purple widow

    purple widow artist John Troeller
  12. dfcody89

    chest piece

    chest piece in process artist John Troeller
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