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  1. It was a great convention this year. I had no plans on getting tattooed yet got a piece from Stewart Robson and Miyazo. (I will post pics when healed.) It was great hanging out and going to a amazing dinner with @Lance and @CABS. Although we didn't really meet except for a brief second it was nice seeing all the stellar work @MoistTowelette has in person.
  2. Well since Stewart posted it on his instgram.....I will repost it here. Mine is top left. I will post a bigger pic when it heals.
  3. @Lance That sounds good to me. I may be solo because our child care fell through. My wife is ok with it because she got tattooed by Valerie yesterday and I picked up a little something from Stewart as well. I will show you at the convention. I cannot wait.
  4. My wife and I will be at Blackheart tomorrow and the convention on Saturday. If anyone is planning on meeting up on Saturday let me know because we are down to go to dinner or whatever. Also I will just be watching my wife getting tattooed tomorrow so if anyone is in the area I would be down to meet up.
  5. I am in the process of two 3/4 dragon sleeves from Horitomo and a Kumonryu back piece from Jill.
  6. @Iwar I also suggest California Academy of Sciences. My son is 3 and a half and loves that place. We live about 2 hours away from SF, but he always asks to go there and the SF zoo. I actually will be at State of Grace on the 18th (what time will you be there?) also my wife and I will be at Blackheart on the 22nd and I would be down to meet up and hang out for a while why my wife gets tattooed.
  7. My wife and I will be there for at least one day and possibly more. I think we need to get another dinner together or something like that. I do not have any appointments, but my wife is getting tattooed by Valerie prior to the start of the convention.
  8. Enjoy @ian. If you stop by State of Grace after I will not be there this time. I had to move my Saturday appointment. Your back looks awesome and I can't wait to see when more is done.
  9. @SeeSea - The coffee shop @TrixieFaux is referring to is Roy's and it is very good. Right across the street from SOG is a really good Hawaiian place called Hukilau. If you like Korean food there is a excellent place up the street from there called SJ Omogari. Japantown also has a number of sushi restaurants, snow cone places, and a really good mocha shop. Mochi not mocha
  10. All I know is that the Frenchie monmon tattoo was not for a person at state of grace, but it was for another tattooer. Having spent time with Horitomo, I would bet he would not be opposed to other monmon pets. That being said I must admit I definitely don't know either way though. - - - Updated - - - Not sure they were going to end up as prints or tattoos.
  11. He will do tebori if you ask or, I am pretty sure, if the piece requires. You can ask @Lance because I believe do to the large amounts of white in the monmon cats on his feet it was done by tebori, but he may have also requested it. I am having both arms done by him and we are doing certain parts by tebori. If you wanted a monmon cat I am sure you could have it done by tebori and complete it in one sitting. Just call Molly at State of Grace (Taki's wife and the only one who manages Tomo's schedule) and she can answer all your questions. By the way, last week when I was getting work done there were some awesome upcoming monmon cat tattoo (and one monmon Frenchie) drawings. I definitely had some tattoo envy.
  12. After a month off back with Horitomo on Saturday and Jill the following Saturday.
  13. Thank you @Cork @a1steaks @Iwar! @Cork your back is also looking great! Nice meeting you Greg. I am sure we will cross paths again. I can't wait to see your front when its done because it is looking killer right now.
  14. More progress on my back piece this weekend. Artist: Jill Bonny - State of Grace (The bird and side piece were already there)
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