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  1. @Boiled Dove is that a Bill and Ted tattoo?
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    hey sister, welcome! I'm new too :)
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    I think most people are looking at this wrong, including yourself. Instead of trying to FIX it with lasers and excision, try to think of a way to make it work. I think marley mission has a really great message about accepting it and how in time it will be a piece that has value to you because of the experience that came with it. But I challenge you to leave it and find a meaning for it. Make it original and make it yours. So East and West are reversed. Maybe you have a perfectly good reason for that, and that meaning is only told to those who ever notice the tiny discrepancy from a regula
  4. Thanks for the reply. This is essentially what I did, but I was hoping to get some opinions from anyone here that has a had a tattoo removed, with regards to what kind of lasers it was and what their experience was.
  5. Thanks guys, looking forward to spending some time here!
  6. I'm considering having a tattoo removed and am wondering what the best tattoo removal laser for color inks is. I've done some research locally, but not online. PicoSure was the recommendation I got from a local tattoo removal shop, but I am interested in hearing other opinions from anyone who has had a tattoo removed in the past. thanks!
  7. I great artist a can take your design (no matter how great you are at being artistic) and can turn it in to something you love. Find someone who can transform your idea into your reality
  8. Hi everyone, this looks like a great community! I currently only have one tattoo, and even though I regret it and am looking to have it covered up or removed soon, I actually already have ideas for new tattoos I can't wait to get!
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