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    Another great piece by Hawk
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    Another great piece by Hawk
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    Another great piece by Hawk
  4. @Jennifer Stell "Richard has always ALWAYS said... Taking an apprentice is like getting married and someone taking your last name as theirs.... And there is no divorce, that's forever." That has to be one of the least talked about things in this thread. I had to remark only because I recently started and apprenticeship, and I really respect the man. He is an amazing artist and an outstanding human being. Respect between the artist and apprentice ( I think ) is a must. And for an Artist to take someone under his or her wing (a good artist) they must trust that the person is going to show the craft the respect it deserves. Just my thoughts...
  5. I am so glad that I found this thread. I go through the same thing most of the time. Though like most everyone else has said, this feeling is fleeting. It only lasts for about a day or two. I think it has to relate to the change that has taken place. You body is exhausted from the impact of the tattoo machine and the healing process. It is also a change that you have to prepare for mentally as well. Your brain knows that you have been in some sort of pain for the past few hours, but it take a while for the mind to comprehend that it's permanent. Even though you may have planned it out for months, change is change.
  6. I always think to myself, "Why didn't they put that on the glass?" at least there, they can easily remove it.
  7. Hey everyone, My name is Shawn, I'm 31. I got my first tattoo about 14 years ago. It hooked me so I went back for more. After many years of loving art and drawing, I have recently set out on a journey to learn as much as I can about the art of tattooing. I hope one day to learn how to tattoo and give this art form all the respect it deserves. Take care.
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