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  1. Thanks for the input! You can check out the artist on Instagram @rastatori
  2. Hi! Wanted to post some pics of my sleeve so far and hear your opinions on it! Not entirely sure what to get on the remaining areas, maybe some of you got any cool ideas? I also cant decide if I should connect everything with a "background"/shades, or if I should just get some cool fillers and leave it open? What do you guys think?
  3. I also noticed what feels like a bump under my skin on my upper arm tattoo, seems like its nothing to worry about. :)
  4. Not sure if it helps with the being burned out part, but holy shit thats insane. Love the colors and the details!
  5. Thats so sick! How long does something like that take? How long sessions do you have?
  6. Welcome, checked out your work, pretty dope!
  7. Had just seen Lord of the Rings back in the days when I created my first Runescape account. Saruman was taken so I improvised, been my "gaming and forum" name ever since. :P
  8. I usually change to a new wrapping the first night to avoid blood and goo on my sheets. Then the following weeks I clean it with water and perfume free soap morning and night, as well as applying Hustle Butter about 3-4 ish times a day. (When its feeling very dry.) Got most of my arm covered as well as a couple flashes, turned out great everytime. :)
  9. My ribs hurt pretty bad, but I think my pelvis takes the cake. It was a very varying spot, when he was at the stomach I couldnt feel the needle at all. But when he hit the pelvic bones I got all dizzy and teared up. I layed on my back during the session, and when he was done I didnt dare to stand up for like 5 min. I just chilled out on the bench drinking water and taking deep breaths. xD It felt like I was being kicked over and over again in the stomach while being hungry for days.
  10. As long as the artist is okay with it I dont see any problem with having friends come along. Just dont bring the whole gang, filling up the studio. I usually go alone, but friends often stop by, says hello and hang out for a few minutes or maybe buy me something to drink if I need some.
  11. Hi! Stumbled across the site when looking for a place to discuss everything tattoo related, thanks for having me! I was wondering what you people think about having more than one tattoo with the same motive? Two completly different tattoos of course, but picturing the same thing. For instance, I already have an owl tattooed from my shoulder to just above the elbow, but I always loved tattoos of owls across the chest. Do you think this is too much? What are your views on this? :)
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