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    Looks like the firat photo you have unloaded with closeup... Anyways in can I didn't make myself clear enough, keep the lotion to an absolute minimum, it's just there so the tattoo won't dry out. As long as you can see the lotion you are clearly putting too much.
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    How in hell is that an answer to what I wrote? You are just showing me right.
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    Looks like you are putting way too much lotion. Other than that it looks like normally healing. Anyways you will have to wait at least 4-6 weeks untill you know the outcome and be able to do anything with it.
  4. I suggest you both try to think about a vision and thinks you want in it or a rough style that you are looking for and Google, Pinterest Instagram and Facebook in order to find artists and the style you like and go through their portofilo and create a vision of tour own.
  5. Actually I can imagine that there will be some kind of a machine in the little farther future that will inject the ink under the skin very accurately and by far faster that man's work according to the sketch was implicated into it's computer.
  6. He could totally do what you want, tho do take in mind many artists can do it but everyone would be it definitely and with deferent amount of details, contrast and precession.
  7. You should look for an artist who specializes in black and grey photorealism and go through his works on social medias (you should also look for long time healed works of his). Once you have found one that you are satisfied enough with, go ahead and contact him. That's up to you and your budget but I would look even in other countries than your in order to find the best artist for a serious project.
  8. First of all don't copy but find a good artist you trust and let him make a unique design for you out of your vision. About the price, anyways from 150-6000$ depends on size and mostly who is the artist. For example take a look at Mumia's Instagram page. He is one of artists could do it perfectly but most likely it will cost you 3000+$
  9. First of all congratulations on the new tattoo, I really like the idea and it looks cool. Well, it depends how much contact if it all you got in the workout. You don't want anything to touch it other than your clothes, so do the math yourself. There is no problem at all with working out as long as you keep the tattoo as clean as possible, but if you gonna take punches from someone else that's something else and you shouldn't be going there for about a month.
  10. Congratulations on the new tattoo, looks cool and most important thing is that you are happy with it. First of all you totally are being perfectionist. Secondly, you got to wait at least 4-6 weeks before you know for sure how it's gonna look eventually. So conclusion, let it fully heal and only then go back to your artist hear what he says about it. Most likely it would be best leaving it as is.
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    Personally I think adding Japanese tattoos to it wouldn't combine well. I would definitely stay with old-school for the whole sleeve. I think you best add as many individual small old-school tattoos to it, up until there is almost no blank space. Just tight them all together. Find a good old-school specialist tattoo artist that you can trust and let him play with the blank areas. I would also recommend you take a look at some old-school sleeves just so you see what I mean (many of them have no backround) and create a vision of your own.
  12. Welcome to the family of LST! You can't write in other topic than Initiation up until you have written at least 10 contents. Go ahead and ask your question in here, it doesn't matter that much which topic you have chosen.
  13. It's without any doubt a wrong way looking at your art. You won't ever be able to enjoy your tattoos if you always search for every single dot that could have done better. You gotta look at the big picture, there is no such thing as a perfectly done tattoo. The perfection is in the imperfection, your tattoos are perfect because they are yours and yours only.
  14. I wash mine 5-6 times a day until few days after the scabbing ends and put hustle butter 2-3 times a day (waking up, afternoon and after bath before going to bed) a thin layer just enough so it won't dry.
  15. Nice one bro. Take some time thinking with yourself about ideas,stories and meaningful things in your life, then try and imagine and vision of all those together. I would definitely continue with the same style, but without the meaningful picture coming from you and you only I believe that's nothing more than a picture, and that's not what are tattoos. Atleast not for me .
  16. True my inked bro, long long way to go, got so many ideas and visions which I can't wait having them on me by the best artists out there.
  17. Looks badass! Can't wait to see the finished result.
  18. Basically tattoos and especially balck and white ones do fade in the healing process. Do you have any pictures of the day you got them and now?
  19. Amit Levy

    hii from India

    They really are amazing! I'll give it a better look. About being cheap and prices my opinion is there are basically two ways paying for tattoos and many other things in life, and the cheapest of those two is with a fair amount of cash.
  20. Amit Levy

    hii from India

    How you doing Weir? Welcome to the family of LST! I am from Israel, but traveling all over the world in order to get my inks.
  21. Real happy for your healing experience. This post is over 7 years old, you have awaken the dead.
  22. You will be doing all fine, got no doubt in that. But ya, I agree that having appointments so long ahead got some disadvantages of itself. My next big piece is damn only in the beginning of September 2020. Six back to back days with Roman Abrego, can't wait for that and that's in almost a year and a half from now! And that's the downside to having appointments so long ahead. xD
  23. Yup, made that sure already xD Both of them do have a really considerate rescheduling policy.
  24. That's insane. I do get it that if you are known enough you can do whatever you want, but it's kind of not respectful as I see it.