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  1. I guess last in the list of my top 5 is Dario, so there I am, somehow left with only 4 artists: Rob Richardson Josh Sara Dylan Weber Arlo Dicristina
  2. Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it and agree with you that the three of them are mental artists on this specific type of art. I am pretty sure it is the easiest for me dropping Matias and Dasha out of my list so 5 left, it's getting somewhere! xD
  3. Alright, so I have decided to help you guys being helpful for me and seeing some works from some of the greatest artis as I see it. Adding link to the Instagram pages of the artists in my "top 7" list and in the same order uploading here one picture of each artist that I have choose as "one of their best" Lastly I will say that if I will be having this piece done by Dasha or Arlo it will be more alive and colorful so just take that in mind. Rob: Josh: Dario: Dylan: Arlo: Dasha: Matias: And again, huge thanks to all repliers!
  4. xD I appreciate your answer and willing to help anyways.
  5. I am aware that my question is really tough to me answerd xD. After a lot of time going through their works I have cam down to my top 7: Rob RichardsonJosh SaraDario CastilloDylan WeberArlo DicristinaChehomova DashaMatias Noble I hope that will help any of your guys answer and I'll thank and appreciate any reply.
  6. How is everyone doing? In about a year and a half from now I am planning on getting tattooed the following sketch (pictures down below) and I went through so many very talented artists from all over the world but I can't get to a point where I am convinced who of them would be the perfect artist for this specific piece. So the question is this: lets say money isn't playing a role here and that all artists around the world can possibly be chosen, who do you think would be the best for that piece? After a long time searching I have came to the list below (you don't necessarily have to choose someone of the list): Rob Richardson Josh Sara Dario Castillo Dylan Weber Miguel Bohigues Arlo Dicristina Chehomova Dasha Thomas Carli Matias Noble Kir tattoo Dmitry Perunov Sile Sanda Huge thanks and appreciation to all repliesrs!
  7. It's not my type of style but I think the red of the dragon and the blue of the flowers combines just fine. Most likely if you are unhappy with the color or the flowers it will be possible to making them any color darker than that.
  8. You are totally right, let me clarify myself. What I said above is the plan if everything goes right. According to how I know myself there is no reason for it not to be healed after a month and a half but there is no question that if something goes wrong and it didn't heal well I will be staying around longer before I backpack again. As I see it if everything goes right 30-45 days for healing before backpacking (around 25kg backpack) should be more than enough.
  9. Thanks for your kind words and tips and for sharing an experience of your own. What do you recommend doing in order do boost the immune system other than sleep and eat well? Yup, traveling on my own all around the world the next 2-3 years. Planning on finishing the PCT (a thru-hike from Mexico to Canada) a few days before my appointments and then fly to Yucaipa where Roman is. I wanna get there 2-3 days before the appointments in order to sleep and eat well and buy clean sheets etc. I am planning on giving myself 30-45 days for healing (mostly because I wanna be sure the heavy backpack wouldn't make the tattoo fade/infection/uncomfortable) before flying to New Zealand where I will be walking another very long trail. Your experience sounds not that bad at all tho I am sure most people would suffer of it xD.
  10. Done by Hellena Adams a few weeks ago and I am in love with it.
  11. It is really up to the talent of the artist himself. Is it possible not to see any sign of the scar? Ofc it is, but it will require a very good hand and you will have to keep it shaved up to the scar's line or higher. Wish you all the best!
  12. Haha I like your attitude, I feel the same when paying that much and I want to get it all done in as little time as possible, I'll go through whatever pain needed xD. Thanks a lot for all your wishes bro, I appreciate it and wish you luck with your 3 back to back sessions your own.
  13. I guess most people are closer to your way doing it haha. I just prefer having the least time healing and finishing it all in one trip as short as possible. After that one I'll be having a full back piece done tho not sure yet if it will also be done by Roman cus that one is deferent style (wildlife) and less colorful. Thanks for your wishes, I appreciate it! Ya, as you saw, his type of work is detailed and complex AF. 20 hours for a full Japanese sleeve sounds pretty fast (tho idk how complex that specific one is), my type is very detailed realistic. On my other hand I got a tattoo on half the width from elbow to shoulder (colorful) which alone took 13.5 hours. Just in order to make it clear how detailed the sleeve+chest gonna be, that's a sketch I have made for it (there will be changes by Roman ofc).
  14. Haha thanks my man Most likely I will be making a 5-15 minute video out of it. Mostly cus I know how unusual it is getting 60-90 hours in just six days xD.
  15. Hey everyone! How you doing? My name is Amit and I am new to this forum. I am writing in order to hear some crazy stories and maybe get some tips in order to get past six days in a row (every session 10-15 hours) by Roman Abrego in about a year from now. I am supposed to get a full sleeve+one side of the chest done by him. Longest session I have had to far was 8.5 hours on my upper arm with only 3 breaks of 2-5 minutes and I didn't took anything and felt like I could go for many more hours in a row. So I am thinking to myself that although it most likely will be a horrible experience, I will be able to go past it, and if I really won't be able to handle the pain, I will be taking some Tramadol or something like that. So what do you guys think? Any tip or crazy story of your own would be helpful.