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  1. @cgrave see a nice person with nice words. But he’s not on his own the OP is going through a rough time at the moment it’s been 3 weeks and I’m still not adjusting I don’t know.
  2. Asking me to tell you what artist did my work? lol admiring. Enough said. Enjoy your scribble from 5 year olds.
  3. Mate the tattoos I have doesn’t meet my standard. The images I have are pretty much 3D realistic as can be. You’re tattoos would make me wanna burn my skin of with acid so don’t go criticising everyone thinking you’re like miss tattoo queen or something. It’s like a load of random scribble all over your legs ffs
  4. if I can’t adjust to the tattoos I have I’d get the saw out if I had anything like what you have in your picture. That’s for sure
  5. Yeah and what did you email back? Lol
  6. And the fact you are constantly saying tattoos aren’t suppose to be perfect questions your own insecurities about your own tattoos.
  7. How is saying to that guy that he can’t fix his tattoo helping him? Are you a tattoo removal expert? No. Millions of people have lasering fully removed or partly for cover ups. No need to be so negative towards people suffering with tattoo regret.
  8. Lol my tattoos are the best quality you can get and I even I pick holes in them it’s just adapting I guess it’s been 3 weeks since I got my forearm sleeve and gradually I’m improving it’s just very striking but if you don’t like a tattoo I wouldn’t look at it until you are able to fix it. It’s why I will only ever get black and grey tattoos because there fixable with lasering in the future for new art work. But I can tell you your not on your own mate I’m experiencing similar things to you. Some people on here seem to not care and try to make things 100x worse but at the end of the day you will get people who have experienced it and will guide you through it.
  9. That’s where you are wrong no matter how much lasering you have it won’t disappear your right it won’t if you use the cheap machines. Mate the picosure removes tattoos where your left with scaring or a ghost image or complete removal it’s definitely removes it so what are you on about ya muppet black and grey is the easiest as well.
  10. a Lot of people have experienced it. It’s not about not wanting to be tattooed it’s just not liking one part of a tattoo
  11. Also the advice I can give from my own point of view is when you make your mind up on something there’s not much that will change that like part of my sleeve I really don’t like everyone says it’s nice and I’d adjust to it but to be honest with you I haven’t adjusted to it and it’s been 3 weeks so other than beating myself up over it I gotta shake myself off get some lasering and start again on that part.
  12. Wouldn’t have to get it lasered much anyway 2 sessions then get a cover up depending if you go for a picosure
  13. I’m experiencing similar problems I think the issue with tattoos is the lighting is always going to play a big effect on your tattoo as well as my own when it’s dark but you have a room with a light on it will look dark but when your outside and it’s cloudy it will also look dark only time you can really feel like it’s part of your skin is when the suns on it or it settles in after a few months. I’m also going through a rough time with tattoo remorse it’s been 3 weeks now
  14. Curasy

    Having anxiety

    Eesoecially in my case I have my wrist all done my bicep isn’t even done then I have my shoulder done I literally can’t look at any of it cos I freak out about gaps then I start picking holes in everything I’ve gotta get it finished then question myself once it’s all healed if I don’t like certain parts I’ll have it lasered light so I can put something else there
  15. Curasy

    Having anxiety

    Don’t worry I’m going through exactly the same I’m currently in progress of a full sleeve and it got me pretty depressed “ since 3 weeks ago “ I’m slowly getting better it’s more of in the morning when I wake up I sort of look and think oh no then panic attacks happen. I understand how you’re feeling completely. I work myself up so much I get headaches
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