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  1. Havent painted for around 5 weeks as I have been over in the Philippines enjoying life surfing. Painted this one just before I went over, thanks for checking it out
  2. I like this shop in Denmark, not to sure how far it is from Sweden but might be worth travelling to. The Sailors Grave danmarks bedste tatovør best tattoos denmark japansk
  3. Thanks for the support @cltattooing you have given me great advise from the start, your words speak volumes to me and I hope I can repay you someday somehow. For me the only way to improve is to keep on drawing and to draw because you really want to not because its something to do or you want to be a tattooist, when you really want to learn for the right reasons you will improve quickly. Feels strange giving out advise as i still have so much to learn myself. Try to make every line cleaner than the last, actually I try to focus on getting every fade as clean as I can, if the end result of one of my paintings doesn't feel right to me I will redraw it and start again, you know yourself inside if your happy with it. Good reference is the best place to start.
  4. Thanks mate thought i might not get a back piece now how can i not get a back piece! So nice now time to do some thinking again Awesome tattoo
  5. Dumpleton


    I already posted mine but here it is one more time if anyone is interested. Mostly my attempts at doing spitshaded art. https://instagram.com/flash_paints/
  6. "Maybe this will help you" Find the best artist to do the work you want to get, so many great artists all over the world but you just got to find the one. If you let everyone know your rough location the good people here on LST will point you in the direction that will give you the best chance of getting the best end result. When you do finally decide on the artist that you would like to do the work go into the shop and talk to them, tell them your ideas show them some good reference and ask them the questions you might need answering. Hope this helps
  7. My latest and greatest tattoo on my left knee, Had a very personal battle getting this one almost tapped a couple of times. Artist is WT Norbert so stoked to have him working just down the road from my place
  8. Love both of them, One of my favourite artists for sure!
  9. First things first, decide on the style of tattoo you want, find your favourite artist to do the job, book in a consultation tell your chosen artist your ideas and show them some good reference material that you found at your local library "do some solid research for reference" and walk away feeling like you have just won lotto. If you put in extra effort finding good quality reference material "not other peoples tattoos" your chosen artist will appreciate that and I am sure the end result will be what you are trying to achieve.
  10. Had my left knee tattooed yesterday and wow I really had a hard time with it, when I had my right knee tattooed it was quite easy in fact I enjoyed it. Not to sure why it hurt so much i believe mentally I wasn't prepared for it, the artist that did it said I sat like a rock and did not move at all so that was nice to hear. Probably wasn't the worst tattoo pain I have experienced but man it was a tough day, glad I don't have a 3rd knee.
  11. Im getting my left knee tattooed this thursday and plan on giving tegaderm a try, my partner had an operation and has some left over sheets. I probably wouldn't bother using it but as I work in a sewage treatment plant it wouldn't be hard to get some nasties on my fresh open skin. Going to try it before giving my opinion on it
  12. Been trying to keep busy painting lots of things, having a slow start to the year but slowly turning that around. Here are a few of my latest efforts.
  13. Back in the chair with Wt Norbert 22nd January for a bear head on my left knee.......Hell yeah!
  14. I have found myself in bookshops a lot lately, bought a few good bird books a rad tiger book and a few other good books for reference. Need to get back to the library.
  15. Have not had to much time for painting lately, trying to paint more often.
  16. Who is doing that one for you? love a good shark!
  17. This thread rules! Makes me want to get tattooed every time I look through it.
  18. I checked out a shop in Cebu City last time I visited the Philippines, must say the shop was dodgy! It was one of those advertise other peoples work as their own type of deals, I only realised this as they had pics of khan tattoos work that I had seen before. Polished scratchers in that shop at best. Where are you heading? I love the Philippines!
  19. Thanks, really appreciate any feedback. Starting to get a few artists wanting to trade and do split sheets, so really stoked on that. Thanks again @motsimus
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