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  1. hi scott

    im down while im out there, for sure!

    thanks man....ill check out juans interview when i get to australia, im in an airport again..........................

  2. heres mine..... duane mcinerney todd mcinerney biker mike ben weiss gloria sepulveda pj miller glen botwright eric timmons neil foster karlton gregory jack rudy seth cifferi gregory christian dave wulff matt simmons cole crawford josh stupnicki pat schraeder amanda toy rudy fritsh gabe smith cindy burmeister eric thrice mike wilson ryan tanton scott bryant scott sylvia dan higgs ed hardy horitaka horitomo chris odonnell tim lehi theo jak bert krak eli quinters steve boltz daniel santoro jessica jared wrath matt knopp billy bennett dirk reuter marco h
  3. hmmmm.... people that i havent been tattooed by yet that want something from..... JONDIX! mike the athenz filip leu jeff rassier xed le head thomas thomas sarah schor valerie vargas richard stell ivan szasi mario desa robert ryan steve byrne horizakura horiyasu and who i would like more from... ed hardy ( i wish) dan higgs ( i wish #2) scott sylvia mike wilson thomas hooper rudy fritsch
  4. but, bro, i got tricks up my sleeve, seriously
  5. stoked. thank you.............

  6. i thought you were talking about the dread locks at first, not the stupid shirt
  7. yeah, its on the shin of a girl in australia....she says that she is a sly fox....
  8. thank you very much, im really stoked on this man

  9. that sounds awesome!!!

    some good restaurants coming up in the next month....gordon ramsay at claireridges, french laundry, st. john....stoked.....

  10. thank you! im stoked, this looks awesome so far!

  11. how many shops have you worked in/ guest spotted at? even if it was one tattoo......... or, alternatively, if you are a collector, how many have you been tattooed at? you can list the names for fun...... mine are.... ancestral marks tattoo, saginaw michigan squirrellys skin art, hubbard ohio squirrellys skin art, grove city, pa capitol city tattoo, montgomery alabama dixieland tattoo, montgomery alabama 252 tattoo, columbia station oh glen art studio, lansing mi works of art tattoo, jasper al marks of art tattoo, san jose ca american graffiti sacramento, ca american graffiti davi
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